The 3,500 calories myth thumbnail image

The 3,500 calories myth

Posted on 06-09-2016 | Last updated 10-04-2019


How to use your hands to diet thumbnail image

How to use your hands to diet

Posted on 29-08-2016 | Last updated 10-04-2019


Nutrition coaching: science or art? thumbnail image

Nutrition coaching: science or art?

Posted on 02-08-2016 | Last updated 10-04-2019

In the world of internet nutrition, there seems to be two sides to the camp: one that propose nutrition coaching is a science, and the other that propose it’s an art. Science guys look for hundreds of peer reviewed references before considering an idea where as the art guys are...

Is fruit bad for you? thumbnail image

Is fruit bad for you?

Posted on 19-07-2016 | Last updated 10-04-2019

Is fruit bad for you? Fruit has been demonised in many circles for many years, the story goes that ‘Fruit is nature’s Candy’. We need to be wary of it because it contains sugar (including ‘the bad one’: fructose!), and you should definitely only have one piece a day. But,...

Polycystic Ovarian syndrome thumbnail image

Polycystic Ovarian syndrome

Posted on 21-06-2016 | Last updated 10-04-2019

Polycystic Ovarian syndrome is a relatively common condition affecting up to around 20% of women, caused by elevated androgen levels. Risk Factors include obesity, inactivity and heredity. This is a complex syndrome experienced by many females and seeing as we often get questions about it in the BTN community I...

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How to choose a diet

Posted on 05-04-2016 | Last updated 10-04-2019

Bruce Lee is probably one of the most iconic figures of our time. His movies are legendary and he is credited with bridging some of the cultural gap which existed in America by being the first person to openly accept white Americans into his martial arts classes. More than this,...

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BTN Academy student feedback

Posted on 29-03-2016 | Last updated 10-04-2019

If you’re considering the BTN Academy, you need to read this blog. Why? Because what our past and current students think of the course and the learning experience could be the deciding factor for you on whether you take the plunge to enrol on our course or not. We take pride...

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