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Foundation Academy

Nutrition isn’t confusing when you master the fundamentals. And the fundamentals are exactly what we teach on The BTN Foundation Academy in our online course. Sleep, stress, calories, macro and micronutrients, supplements, behaviour change, fibre, hydration and more. These areas of nutrition are the pillars that underpin everything else. So whether you’re looking to work with clients in the future, or simply improve your nutrition and health, our 10 module course has everything you need. Get started today and take the confusion out of nutrition with our AfN certified online course.

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Practical Academy

Nutrition is a science, but its application is an art. This is where the Practical Academy – Level 4 Nutrition Coaching Qualification online nutrition course seeks to help you, to bridge the gap between the two to help you develop into a world class nutrition coach. It’s the ideal next step for personal trainers, physiotherapists, massage therapists and anyone else who works with clients or wants to in the future, adding an Active IQ nutrition coaching qualification to your arsenal. Help people from all walks of life, understand the nuances of sports nutrition, blend nutrition with behaviour change, master your communication skills, and become a confident and empowered nutrition coach alongside like-minded practitioners, all from the comfort of your home.

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Derek Muricroft image

Derek Muricroft

Practical graduate

Thanks so much for what I consider to be a life changing course. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with an interest in nutrition and have done, many times already!
Odhran McCorry image

Odhran McCorry

Practical graduate

Working with the BTN Academy has expanded my knowledge base as well as totally changed my approach to working with clients. The content is by far the most practical of any nutrition course I have done before and is laid out in away that you can understand and implement it with clients immediately. The weekly calls are all recorded and the ability to catch up at your own pace as made it really easy for any times when I am busy. The best choice of course I have made as a fitness professional and strongly urge any trainers looking to expand their knowledge to get on board.
Andrew McLaughlan image

Andrew McLaughlan

Practical graduate

I personally wish to thank you all for the kind support and knowledge, you have helped me learn an incredible amount. It's really helped with the many clients I have in their own personal journeys and I’ve got incredible results which could not of been achieved without this course. Since joining the course I've grown my business to be well respected in Edinburgh and was nominated for SFN Expo Personal Trainer Of The Year and since received a position as Assistant General Manager of The Gym Group Hamilton, another step in my career. I'm really happy I made the leap of faith to learn and be mentored by you all.
Victoria Louise Milne image

Victoria Louise Milne

Practical & Business graduate

I chose to study with BTN because I love their approach to education. After following Ben’s work for some time I knew the courses they offer would be perfect for me. I had been working as a Personal Trainer for a few years before I signed up and what I realised is that not only did my clients need help in the gym but also with all things nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. The BTN foundation course, practical and business has left me with invaluable knowledge and skills. I am now able to offer an even better service to my clients, with practical and realistic advice that they can apply on a daily basis to help them achieve their goals. Being part of BTN has connected me with like-minded people who all support one another. There is always someone from the BTN team or the group available to answer questions and offer advice. I would thoroughly recommend the BTN courses to anybody in the fitness industry looking to enhance their skills and knowledge as well as anybody who is on their own personal health and fitness journey. The impact not only on my clients but on me has been entirely positive. I am a better, more confident and empowered coach because of being involved with BTN and this has had a direct impact on those I work with. Ben and his team do an awesome job and I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication to the industry and this course.
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