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We at BTN exist to demystify fact from fiction in the world of nutrition, aiming to act as a voice of reason in an industry clouded with false truths and contradictions, and to simplify the evidence so we can see the truth with all things nutrition.

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We'll take your nutrition knowledge to the next level, whether you're simply looking to understand evidence based nutrition, an aspiring coach or an existing one looking to up-skill. We have online courses to help beginners get started, and to help professionals become qualified nutrition coaches.

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We offer 3 online courses

Study the fundamentals of nutrition online with The BTN Foundation Academy, a 10 module accredited course which you can start any time, and enhance your understanding of nutrition. Become a Level 4 Nutrition Coach with our yearlong BTN Practical Academy, our Active IQ qualification which opens in May and November. And our BTN Business Academy, for the coaches looking to enhance their fitness and nutrition coaching business. If you did all 3 courses this is how we would stack up compared to other training providers…

Complete all 3 courses for these benefits: BTN PN1 MNU FutureFit
AfN Certified Foundation Course Yes No No Yes
Number of modules taught 78 20 44 13
Regulated qualification level 4 - - 4
Course text books 5 3 0 0
1-2-1 mentorship throughout Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free career and business training Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free lifetime access to course and updates Yes No Yes No
Qualification externally regulated Yes No No Yes
Peer to peer learning and accountability Yes Yes Yes No
Weekly live webinars Yes No No No
Free access to bi-annual conferences Yes No No No

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BTN Academy Ben Coomber explains how the BTN Academy can help you learn nutrition and change lives