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Learn Nutrition, Change Lives

We’ve been creating competent, confident, industry leading nutrition coaches for over 10 years.
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Why study with BTN?

Learn nutrition, change lives, with The BTN Academy - the UKs leading provider of certified online nutrition courses. Our practical and evidence-based approach equips students with an advance understanding of nutrition and behaviour change and develops that knowledge into coaching skills that truly changes the lives of others. Help yourself and others master body composition changes, specific diet challenges, sports nutrition, behaviour change and more.

Start your nutrition journey with our Foundation Academy, become a world class L4 Nutrition Coach with our Practical Academy, or learn a specific topic with our Bitesize Academy. See how we can help you master nutrition, follow a path you are passionate about, and earn more as a coach, today, by downloading our course brochure.

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David Birtwistle

Endeavour Coaching

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Dr. Aileen Alexander

This Doctor Lifts Ltd

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Chelsea Lea MacColl

Nutrition Coach

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The Lean Machines

Coaches & YouTubers

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