Trust me, I used to be obese thumbnail image

Trust me, I used to be obese

Posted on 30-08-2017 | Last updated 10-04-2019

I used to be overweight, obese, fat, very cuddly, whatever you want to call it. And all I can honestly, hand on heart say is, the day I turned 18 it was a label and state of health that I no longer wanted, and as a result, I took action....

Nutrition science: who’s laughing now? thumbnail image

Nutrition science: who’s laughing now?

Posted on 08-08-2017 | Last updated 10-04-2019

Read time: Around 10 minutes. Grab a brew. I first got into nutrition just before the IIFYM movement managed to develop some real sway. This means that I joined this industry when people still HAD to eat six meals per day, when ‘clean eating’ was still a thing and when...

Why the fitness industry is wrong on weight loss thumbnail image

Why the fitness industry is wrong on weight loss

Posted on 24-07-2017 | Last updated 10-04-2019

When aiming for better body composition you have to eat certain foods to burn fat, avoid certain foods that store fat and partake in fat burning exercise right? Wrong! There’s a lot of myths and misunderstandings surrounding fat loss, body composition or weight (muscle) gain but much of this just...

How to lose fat and build muscle thumbnail image

How to lose fat and build muscle

Posted on 10-07-2017 | Last updated 10-04-2019

I hear this question a lot, but people seem to somewhat misunderstand what they are asking for. It sounds like an impossible task doesn’t it? To build muscle you have to be in an energy surplus and train for hypertrophy, which usually means that you will also gain a little...

Idiots guide to lean gains thumbnail image

Idiots guide to lean gains

Posted on 27-06-2017 | Last updated 10-04-2019

What is the common perception that most people have of a personal trainer? A big ripped guy wearing a tee shirt two sizes too small, to show off his big guns. He’s orange from fake tan, spends too much time looking at himself in the mirror and always seems to...

How to lose weight as quickly as possible thumbnail image

How to lose weight as quickly as possible

Posted on 19-06-2017 | Last updated 10-04-2019

When a person starts out to lose weight they usually have target number of some kind in sight. Usually a number on the scales or a dress size, something like that. In most cases they want to achieve that goal as quickly as possible, often without making any changes to...

How to start dieting thumbnail image

How to start dieting

Posted on 29-05-2017 | Last updated 10-04-2019

This blog isn’t about the mechanisms of weight loss. If you want to know more about how energy balance works I suggest you read this blog here (The 3,500 kcals myth). The reason I am writing a ‘diet’ blog and not addressing the concept of calories in versus calories out...

Are you in the driver’s seat? thumbnail image

Are you in the driver’s seat?

Posted on 22-05-2017 | Last updated 10-04-2019

Today I want to talk about an issue which I find a huge amount of overweight, repeat-failed dieters face, and that is the issue of learned helplessness. This subject more or less centres around one question – are you in charge of your own destiny? Now I’m not talking about...

Its pointless being perfect thumbnail image

Its pointless being perfect

Posted on 16-05-2017 | Last updated 10-04-2019

Extreme leanness and a perfect physique is totally obtainable for many, yet completely unsustainable for most. To an outsider looking in, the fitness world had a certain façade. It seems that everybody involved with fitness professionally (personal trainers, coaches, nutritionists, physique competitors and fitness modals) would rather die than sit...

Why your diet isn't working thumbnail image

Why your diet isn't working

Posted on 28-02-2017 | Last updated 10-04-2019

It’s mid-February – surely the January, ‘New Year, New Me’ gym goers have faded out by now. They will have come up with excuses by now as to why they are destined to be fat forever and nothing ever works for them. Let’s face it, eating healthy is too expensive,...

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