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Awesome Supplements

If you’re looking for health and sports supplements, then look no further than our sister company Awesome Supplements. A no BS supplement company offering you what works and nothing that doesn’t, all with an awesome taste promise.

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Financial Fitness Group

Our insurance partners, they offer very competitive and very comprehensive insurance for all forms of online and offline coaching now you are a qualified nutrition coach. Get in touch and get a quote for your insurance needs.

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Ric Moylan

Getting expert mentorship as you navigate your career in the fitness industry is invaluable. Ric has worked with PTs, pro athletes and everyone in between, why? Because success is largely a mindset and approach to your work and business. Ric and his team can be on your side so you can be the success you want to be in your career. Reach out to Ric and his team to chat, you won't regret the investment.

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The PT Mentor

Sometimes working in the fitness industry can be overwhelming, you look out for your clients, but who looks out for you? By having someone in your corner, giving you honest feedback, guidance and accountability, is going to help you reach that next level. As a Mentor my aim is to bring my 20 years experience into your business, learning from both my failures and my successes.

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Biomechanics Education

If you are interested in furthering your understanding of human movement and therapy Rachel France at Biomechanics Education is a must course. Study the body and how it moves both in person and online, a highly recommended course for coaches and keen exercisers.

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Blackford Centre

An enormous part of the role of a coach corresponds to that of a qualified counsellor, and those of you who are looking to improve their empathy and client communication could benefit from looking at a dedicated course. We are not affiliated with this company in any way but after one of our tutors undertook the Diploma in Conselling we’re happy to suggest it as an option.

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Cancer may affect up to ½ of people directly, but it affects all of us in one way or other. Cancer treatment is, however, best done in a multidisciplinary fashion with fitness professionals being able to play a major role. This is a growing area of expertise and we strongly recommend checking out CanRehab to become qualified if you’re interested.

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Sports Nutrition is another specialist area you could venture into, especially if you are keen to work with athletes at varying levels. For all things sports and performance nutrition we recommend studying for your CISSN. BTN Academy students without undergraduate degrees are eligible to study upon presenting their certificate.

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Institute of Personal Trainers

Optimise your coaching business with a membership to iPT, learning how to master client acquisition, building a website, know how to use social media effectively, improve your customer service, have documents and templates to use with clients, and much more. Every coach needs to master the business of being a coach, and iPT is the best resource for this.

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The use and care of responsible steroid use is an interest area for some. Whether this is a legitimate speciality you wish to progress into, or you would like to learn for your own benefit and understand steroids and enhanced athletics to a deep level we recommend studying further with David Crossland, a BTN tutor who runs an amazing website providing an enormous amount of impartial information for harm prevention.

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If you are looking to get yourself or clients tested, to get blood work or stool samples analysed then we would recommend Medichecks. A super simple company to use with a whole range of useful tests, tests we have used many times personally and with clients to optimise performance and health metrics.

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FitPro Cookbooks

Nutrition coaching is difficult because there are just so many different avenues to explore – FitPro Cookbooks takes away a large burden by providing an incredible amount of recipes that are branded to you, which you can use as social media content or client handouts. Recipes include tweaks, instructional videos, seasonal specialities and more – one to really consider.

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PT Distinction

Manage and coach clients through a mobile app with many functions and options to keep your clients and accountable and support them. There are many coaching apps available, and through extensive research this seems to be the most popular and use friendly.

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Team Up

Manage a facility or classes with Team Ups business management software. Book in clients, know your hours, know your revenue, take payments, manage your fitness business front to back with Team up.

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Get a shiny new website made to really show off what you do and your services with my personal trainer website. Dan the owner also runs The Institute of Personal Trainers, a top guy and cares. If you want a website, or membership site, or anything web related, this is the place to go.

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Online Trainer Academy

Online training is BIG, especially after 'Lockdown 2020', thus many more people - both trainers and clients, see the value of having an online coach. If you are qualified as a PT and Nutrition Coach then your next step for training people online is to learn and invest in that specific skill and system. For that, check out the Online Trainer Academy, starting with their book, which you can get by just paying shipping.

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