Learn Nutrition, Change Lives

How did we get to where we are today? Why are we so passionate about the power of nutrition and how it can change people’s lives?

Let’s take you back to 2013 where it all began. Back then, if you wanted to learn about nutrition in order to improve your own knowledge or develop your skills and help others as a coach beyond reading books, to go on courses, you had very few options, and none of them were particularly useful.

Cheap, basic courses with only a textbook and a few online video lectures followed by an easy multiple choice, online test, maybe with a certificate at the end

Moderately priced weekend or week-long courses, often abroad, run by self-appointed nutrition experts. Some were good, but most were led by a ‘guru’ promoting their special ‘system’ rather than teaching you any evidence-based theory or coaching skills, nor leaving you certified in anything respected industry wide

A university degree. These are necessary if you’d like to work in a clinical setting as a dietitian and they cost upwards of £10,000 (now more than double that). These have more theory than you’ll ever actually use, and it could be argued they aren’t necessary if your goal is to coach the general population towards better health and body composition.

We didn’t believe this was good enough, so we set out to change how nutrition was being taught. Not only should you know basic concepts and theory you should learn how to apply the knowledge in the real world, with real people. Whilst a solid grounding in science is critical, do you really need to be able to recite the Krebs Cycle in order to inspire people towards their goals, help them reach their potential, and enable them to make life-long-change?

Additionally, any course undertaken by professionals looking to work in this area needs to be affordable.

That is why we started, but it is far from the end of the story.

It’s 2021 now, things have changed right?

A little, but not all that much. While the nutrition and coaching industry is booming, there are still a lot of courses out there that…

Contain a lot of outdated science

Have minimal credibility and are not a regulated course provider

Have a severe lack of focus on practical application over theory

These courses ultimately leave the student using outdated methods meaning they are unable to effectively apply their new skills to either themselves or clients, resulting in a huge lack of results.

So, why are BTN different?

We saw these issues in our industry as an opportunity to fill the gap and create courses that use:

Current evidence-based principles

Are quality controlled by external regulating bodies

Use a team of specialist tutors with a combined teaching experience of over 100 years, all delivering their specialist knowledge area

Concentrates on the theoretical grounding of nutrition, and also the practical application so any graduate is confident and competent to coach a variety of people in a real-world setting

Lifetime access to our updated content, as we review it yearly

This is why our Foundation Course is AfN Certified and our Practical Academy is Level 4 Active IQ accredited, assuring you we have credibility in the industry.

Our impact to date…

Since 2013 The BTN Academy has taught over 5000 people worldwide through our Foundation Academy – a course that aims to equip you with the fundamentals of nutrition for the human body.

Foundation academy certificates

2000 students through our Practical Academy – a course that allows you to truly master the art and science of nutrition and behaviour change and become a qualified nutrition coach.

We’ve also been recognised for our life changing work by some of the world’s biggest brands, and as a result have been on TV as nutrition experts, spoken at our industries largest events, have taught corporate well-being programs to large companies, among other things.

And this is what makes it all worth it…

If these 2000 qualified nutrition coaches then help as few as 20 people each per year, it means our teaching has impacted 42,000 people since 2013. We’re really proud of this fact and it is what our BTN Academy is all about; creating the nutrition coaches of the future that change real people’s lives, for the better.

Nutrition is a well understood science, but its application is an art and this is what we aim to demonstrate. We think that with our unique teaching style, a diverse range of specialist tutors and a broad syllabus, we enable any eager student to become capable of making a lasting impact on themselves, and others.

That’s why we say, “Learn nutrition, change lives.”

Now what?

If you would like to embark on an inspiring and motivating nutrition course that will be deeply rewarding once completed, then don’t hesitate. Let us take you on this life changing journey with us…

Meet the team

Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber



As BTN’s Founder my day to day role is to teach and support the students, connect our business to other training providers, and continually look to innovate our course and its offering. I am a CISSN Coach and have a BSc in Sports Performance and Coaching.

Tom Bainbridge

Tom Bainbridge

Academy Manager and Head Tutor


Tom Bainbridge (CISSN) is head of education at BTN Academy, meaning that it’s his job to make sure you get as much out of your time with us that you possibly can. He’s here to answer your questions, to engage in discussions, and to support you with anything you need.

Charlotte Thompson

Charlotte Thompson

Chief Operating Manager


Hi, I'm Charlotte and I run the Operations for Ben Coomber's businesses. I oversee all operations related to the BTN Academy and have been involved with the nuts and bolts of the course since it's early inception. Alongside this, I'm extremely proud to say that I worked closely with Tom on the textbooks, by designing them, doing the graphics and editing them.

Jack Coomber

Jack Coomber

Head of Marketing


Head of Marketing at BTN and Awesome Supplements, a graduate of Sheffield Hallam and I have been with the companies since 2014. In my spare time I can be found on the sports field, up a mountain or attempting some woodwork.

Holly Brookes

Holly Brookes

Graphic Designer


I’m Holly and I create a lot of the graphics you will see across BTN and our social media. I help to make information easily digestible in a visual way alongside the wonderful teaching from Tom and our other tutors.

Katie Dixon

Katie Dixon

Head of Customer Services

Katie is our Customer Services Manager for BTN and is on hand to help and sign post regarding any questions you may have; with regards to our courses. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with her regarding anything (even if just to say Hi!) and she will always greet you with a smile and friendly attitude.

She is your main contact for enrolments and system issues that may arise, as well as any payment queries.

Chelsea MacColl

Chelsea MacColl

Head of community


Having graduated from the academy herself in 2018, Chelsea works alongside Tom in ensuring we are continuously improving and listening to the students to maximise their learning experience with us on the Academy.

As coaches, as a collective, we have the power to change lives. With knowledge, confidence and support we can do great things as nutrition coaches.
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