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Ready to take your nutrition knowledge the next level and become a nutrition coach? Nutrition coaching is both a science and an art, and at the BTN Academy, we provide a comprehensive course that bridges the gap between the two. Our Active IQ Level 4 qualification in Nutrition Coaching is an incredibly comprehensive online course that has been built to equip you with the skills to become a competent and confident coach, whether you are already a coach looking to add a qualification to your CV, someone looking to take their understanding to the next level, or someone looking for a career as a nutrition coach that can help a diverse range of clients.

The course is taught by a diverse group of expert tutors via recorded webinars with additional ‘take away’ summary videos alongside four course textbooks and full support from our head of education and our student support group.


  • Master the anatomy, physiology and endocrinology of nutrition
  • Understand the fine art of coaching real people
  • Be confident to coach a diverse range of clients
  • Be able to assess clients effectively and efficiently
  • Learn how to properly monitor consistency and adherence with clients
  • Study around work and home life, in your own time as this course is 100% online and self-paced
  • Certified Level 4 Qualification through Active IQ
Practical Academy

What's included

  • Four course textbooks written by industry leading tutors
  • Lifelong access to course
  • Student support group
  • Electronic & hard copy certification
  • 1-2-1 support from the BTN tutors
  • Tried and tested assessment tools & plans to use with clients
  • Career development with our FREE business academy
  • Study case studies on how to be successful after graduation
  • FREE access to iPT, a globally used business education platform for coaches for you to advance your career and business

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£1,575.00 GBP
  • 1 x £1575 payment
  • Save £75 paying up front
  • Full course access in 48 hours
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£275.00 GBP
  • 6 x £275 monthly instalments
  • Full course access in 48 hours
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Self Paced x12 Instalments

£137.50 GBP
  • 12 x £137.50 monthly instalments
  • Full course access in 48 hours

The BTN Practical Academy is the leading Level 4 Nutrition Coaching Qualification in the UK, ideal for fitness coaches, personal trainers, health practitioners, aspiring nutrition coaches and individuals looking for an advanced understanding of nutrition.

There are no entry requirements to study on the BTN Practical Academy, but we recommend having a base understanding of nutrition science through our Foundation Academy as the Practical Academy will not cover fundamental topics such as micronutrients, hydration, and supplements. If you're unsure, schedule a call with us to discuss your options.

Enroll in the BTN Practical Academy and become a leading nutrition coach today.

Nutrition is both a science and an art, and the BTN Academy's Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching helps bridge the gap between the two so that you can truly make a difference in others' lives and be qualified to do so.

Throughout the course, you'll learn critical thinking and research analysis, coaching weight loss and muscle building, sports and exercise performance, helping specialist clients with issues like PCOS and diabetes, behavior change, motivational interviewing, and much more.

All modules are supported with four course textbooks, dedicated webinars, and weekly Q&A support sessions with industry-leading dieticians, sports nutritionists, university lecturers, psychologists, athletes, and experienced coaches, ensuring you get the right balance of hard nutrition science, practical application, and real-world coaching experience. Enroll in the BTN Academy's Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching today and start your journey to becoming a world-class nutrition coach.

Download our full course syllabus

The BTN Practical Academy's Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching is designed to assess your understanding and application of nutrition theory in real-world scenarios. Instead of a traditional exam, there are 5 open-book, written assessments throughout the year that will test your ability to coach real people. The assessments are individually marked and then internally and externally verified by Active iQ to ensure fair and accurate grading.

Upon completion of the BTN Practical Academy, you can be confident in your qualifications and competency as a qualified nutrition coach. Enroll in the BTN Practical Academy today and take your first step towards becoming a successful nutrition coach.

The BTN Academy's Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching is an internationally recognized certification that allows you to practice and work as a nutrition coach, both online and offline, and apply for related jobs in the field. After graduation, you'll have the freedom to work 1-2-1 with clients, lead groups, help your local community, develop corporate well-being programs, and much more.

Our course will guide you through the options available to you and provide you with the knowledge and support to navigate the industry and succeed.

Enroll in the BTN Academy's Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching today and take the first step in your career as a nutrition coach.

The BTN Academy's nutrition courses offer flexible learning options, allowing you to complete the coursework at your own pace and on your own schedule. We recommend dedicating 5-7 hours per week to studying, but the course can be completed as quickly as you like.

Our flexible approach also allows for breaks and time off if needed, and live webinars can be accessed via playback for those who miss them or are in a different time zone.

Enroll in the BTN Academy's nutrition courses today and start your journey to becoming a nutrition expert.

Level 4 Qualification

The first internationally recognised Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching done by 1000s of coaches to date. We don't need to bamboozle you with misleading terms, our Practical Academy gives you a recognised industry qualification you can use to further your career, however you decide to forge your future career direction.

Become a nutrition coach

The BTN Practical Academy's Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching is a comprehensive program that equips you with the tools and knowledge to become a successful and world-class nutrition coach. Not only will you learn evidence-based nutrition in detail, but you'll also explore techniques that will have a real impact on your clients including critical thinking and behavior change. BTN will support you in your professional growth with access to business and career development modules, 1-2-1 advice, case studies of successful graduates, and access to iPT. Enroll in the BTN Practical Academy's Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching today and take the next step in your career as a nutrition coach.

Externally Verified

Have confidence knowing you're learning from a credible, certified industry training provider. Our Practical Academy is externally verified and assessed by Active iQ ensuring the quality of our learning material and the standing of your qualification. We also work in partnership with CIMSPA to continually develop resources and feedback to elevate the standards to teaching and coaching in the industry.

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