Here you can find a BTN Qualified Coach to work with you 1-2-1 in person, or online, on your nutrition, diet and fitness. Some coaches also have group coaching programs. Use this page to search for a coaches location and who they specialise in helping, and use the links to get in touch. On smaller screens, like on a mobile phone, please ensure you scroll to the right to see the full information for each coach. Coach location is listed first for ease of searching for a coach near you. All coaches on this page are insured, qualified, and certified by us.

Name Location Qualifications Specialist Areas Remote/In person Links Coach pitch
Adam Reid Bedfordshire BSc sport science (hons), L2 Crossfit coach, post grad cert in education, BTN practical academy nutritionist. Fat loss Yes/No Website Facebook Contact coach I help busy professional women increase energy levels, confidence and drop a dress size within 12 weeks WITHOUT giving up the foods they love.
Adele Smyth Hampton Court, Surrey, UK Nurse, Level 3 Pilates teacher, 200 Hour YTT yoga teacher, Level 4 sport massage therapist, Level 4 nutrition coach, Women's health specialist coach. Women's health, reconnecting back to body, fuel for performance - especially for runners. Yes/Yes Website Facebook Contact coach I help women to reconnect back to their fabulous self in all life stages that they experience. To heal from the inside out and to focus on athleticism rather than aesthetics and how their body can function to support them.
Alessia Wallace Greater Glasgow, Scotland, UK Level 4 Nutrition Coach, MSc in Psychology of Health and Well-being Overall health and well-being Yes/No Website Instagram Contact coach Supporting YOU to achieve YOUR personal goals, using evidence-based approaches to promote overall health and well-being.
Anton van Marion Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK L4 Strength and Conditioning Coach, L4 Nutrition Coach, Level 3 Persoal Trainer, Level 3 Pre and Post Exercise and Nutrition Fat loss, Muscle gain, Strength training, Sports performance No/Yes Instagram Email coach If you want to move better, look great, feel more confident and challenge yourself, then I am your coach
Becky Haseldine Weybridge, Surrey, UK Certified Nutrition Coach Fat Loss, Runners Nutrition, Group Coaching Yes/No Website Instagram Contact coach From helping you perform your best for your sporting endeavours, to giving you the tools to lose weight and keep it off - there's a bespoke plan for you!
Brian McFarlane Edinburgh BTN Certified Nutrition Coach Fat Loss and Sports Nutrition Yes/Yes Facebook Email coach If you really want this, then we can get you there!
Bushra Ali Alain, UAE L4 Obesity and Diabetes fitness specialist, BTN Practical academy nutrition Coach, L3 Pre and Postnatal PT, Crossfit L1 Trainer, TRX, Zumba and Level up Pound Pro, L3 Older Adults instructor, L3 Educator and Assessor, L3 Exercise Referral Instructor, Fat loss and mindset coaching. Pound group workout Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach If fitness is a lifestyle, you will remember me as the one who kicked in the mojo
Catherine McAdams Perth, UK BTN Nutrition Coach (Pass with Distinction 2019) Nutrition coach, basic cooking skills Yes/No Instagram Email coach If you want to learn how to eat healthy, lose weight, cook better meals, I'll help you with what's best and right for you so you can be Your Best.
Chelsea Lea MacColl Norwich BTN Practical Level 4, BTN Foundation Level 4, Childhood nutrition and obesity prevention level 2, weight loss management level 2. Mindset Coaching, BA Hons Dance and Professional Practice - First Class, Dance in the curriculum level 3 Busy people, crossfitters, parents. Educating clients on nutrition and how to easily manage their diet. Food hacks and life wins Yes/Yes Website Instagram Call coach Email coach Its my mission to empower my clients with the knowledge that they need to take control of their diet, not feel as though they have to go without and still be able to smash their goals. Rebuild your relationship with food, and watch your confidence grow.
Chloe Jane Prince Hampshire UK Life Coaching Diploma, Certified Food and Body Coach, BTN Nutrition Coach Disordered eating, trauma, emotional eating, body image, intuitive eating Yes/No Website Instagram Contact coach I help anxious women find food freedom and heal the relationship with their bodies
Christina Evans Cheshire, UK L4 Nutrition Coach, BSc (Hons) Psychology Women's Fat Loss and Mindset Coaching Yes/No Website Instagram Contact coach My pragmatic approach helps women achieve optimum health through a focus on sustainable nutrition and psychological mentoring; individual coaching with life long results.
Claire Canadas Hertfordshire and Dubai AfN Certified Online Nutrition, Active IQ Level 4 Nutrition Coach Weight loss, body transformation, mindset coaching Yes/No Website Instagram NuYou offers bespoke coaching services taking you through a journey so you can achieve long-lasting results, while celebrating your achievements every day!
Coach Steveo Swindon L3 PT, L4 Nutrition coach Female fat loss Yes/No Website Facebook Contact coach I help women lose up to 2 dress sizes in 90 days without dieting.
Connor Gent Leeds, West Yorkshire Level 3 PT, L4 Nutrition Coach Fat loss and Lifestyle coaching, Training and Nutrition for health and fitness beginners Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach I help people start their health and fitness journeys on the right foot, if you want to look better, feel better and grow your confidence I am the coach for you.
Dean Seal Farnborough, Hampshire, UK Active IQ level 4 Nutrition Coaching, BTN Foundation Academy. Sports Nutrition, Vegan Nutrition, Nutrient Timing Yes/Yes Instagram Call coach Athletes looking to increase performance while keeping track of body composition is a huge passion of mine, if you're looking to take the next step in your given sport, get in contact with me!
Doni Thomson Aberdeen, Scotland, UK L3 Personal Trainer, L4 Nutrition Coach, L3 Sports Conditioning Coach, L2 Adapting exercise for adolescents Body composition for general population, Running and Athletics conditioning Yes/Yes Instagram Email coach I focus on teaching you the 'how' behind achieving real results, not just getting you them, so that you can continue to obtain amazing results for yourself in the years to come.
Emma Forster Wormit, Fife, Scotland. Level 4 Nutritionist, Level 3 PT, CrossFit Coach, Gymnastics and Rugby Coach, registered teacher. Children and Family nutrition and fitness. No/Yes Website Instagram Email coach It's my passion to help everyone move more, eat fresh, local food ... and smile more ... especially families and children.
Emma Harragin ANutr, MBPsS Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, UK Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS), MSc Nutrition and Behaviour, BTN Foundation and Practical Academy, BSc Psychology Nutrition for fertility and pregnancy, eating behaviour and fat loss Yes/Yes Instagram Email coach Call coach Equipping people with the knowledge and skills to take control of their physical and mental health and wellbeing.
Erica Stone Leeds BTN Nutrition Coaching Qualification, L6 Advanced Diploma in Sports Therapy, BSc Sport and Exercise Science - Loughborough University Fat Loss Yes/No Website Instagram Contact coach I help people feel their best by giving them the tools and support to achieve their goals and feel fantastic!
Fathia Abd Central London, UK L3 Personal Trainer, L3 Ante and Post Natal Exercise Specialist, L4 Nutrition Coach, L5 PTLLS Women’s Health, Pre and Post Natal, Fat loss, Mindset Yes/Yes Instagram I help women in their 30s become strongest and fitter. Achieving good fitness and nutrition.
Fernando de la Flor London, UK L3 PT, L3 Exercise Referrel, L4 PT Obesity and Diabetes Specialist, L4 Nutrition Coach, L6 Healthcare and Nutritional Therapist, L7 Health Coach and Applied Nutrition Sports Nutrition, Maximise Strength, Obesity and Diabetes. Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach I belong to the gym, I am just one of you. I know your worries and I understand your barriers. Come to me and we will overcome them together. Get it done.
Gail Willans Derby Barre and Pilates Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach Female fat loss Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach Supporting women to change the way they view fat loss, through positive new habits and healthy food that tastes good too!
Gary Pope Hong Kong BTN Academy L4 Nutrition Coach Individualised Nutrition Coaching for Business Executives in Hong Kong Yes/Yes Website Contact coach Office worker for 30 years in Hong Kong, now helping other busy executives become healthier, stronger and happier versions of themselves.
Gaz Burrows Manchester L3 Personal Trainer, L4 Nutrition Coach Athletic and Sport Performance, Strength Training and Rehabilitation, Plant Based Nutrition, Mindset Coaching No/Yes Website Website Contact coach I empower and help inspire my clients to build strength in all aspects of life. Improving mental wellbeing, physical strength and performance.
Gill Bishop Farnham, Surrey BTN Practical Academy, PT Level 3, Pre and Post Natal. Nutrition and exercise for women, particularly women with PCOS, post natal and those training for a specific event / sport. Yes/Yes Website Instagram Call coach I help people nurture fitness for life.
Hazel Underdown London, UK BTN Practical Academy TBC Yes/No TBC TBC
Helen Everatt Peak District and Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Certified Nutrition Coach, L2 Fitness Instructor, Certificate in Substance Misuse: Care and Counselling Fat loss and Positive Habits Coaching Yes/Yes Website Instagram Email coach No fads or gimmicks, positive lifestyle changes, helping you optimise your health and nutrition, for life!
Jade Follows Brighton Level 3 Pt, Level 4 Nutrition Coach, Pre and Post Natal Coach Weight loss, strength training, nutrition Yes/Tes Instagram I am passionate about helping my clients to discover the perfect combination of exercise and nutrition that will help them to smash their goals!
James Matthews London Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, BTN Practical Academy - Nutritionist + various seminars, mentorships and calls Fat Loss and Lifestyle Coaching, Exercise, Nutrition Yes/Yes Website Facebook Contact coach I help people improve their health, body and lifestyle. If you want to become the healthiest and the best version of you and are willing to work hard at it, then I Am Your Coach!
Jason Tawn Cheltenham, Glos Level 3 Personal Trainer, BTN Practical Academy Graduate. Fat Loss and Mindset Coaching Yes/Yes Website Facebook Contact coach Eat well, move better and feel great – all with fun and a smile!
Jay Whymark Chiddingfold, Surrey L3 PT, L4 Nutrition coach Nutrition for parents, optimising health Yes/No Website Instagram Contact coach Helping parents optimise their family’s health through nutrition and lifestyle
Jesse Lambert-Harden Brighton, UK Level 4 PT, BTN Nutrition Coach, Biomechanics Trainer, Pre-post natal nutrition and exercise coach, Women's Health Coach, GP and Exercise Referral. BA Sociology, Post graduate diploma risk management. Female and family health and behaviour change. Yes/Yes Website Facebook Contact coach Using simple and realistic methods, I coach and empower women to build sustainable healthy lifestyles and make their health, both physically and psychologically, a priority.
Joanne Peacock London Active IQ L4 in Nutrition Coaching, BTN Practical Academy. Fat loss, sports nutrition, running, PCOS. Yes/Yes Website Instagram Email coach It is my mission to help you lead an active, healthy, happy life and reach your goals by optimising your nutrition and improving your wellness!
Julie Paton-Monk Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Level 3 PT, L4 Nutrition Coach, L4 CanRehab Exercise Rehab, Advanced Les Mills GRIT Instructor Mindset coaching, Body Confidence and CanRehab Exercise Yes/Yes Website Instagram Website I help busy professionals to become body confident so they can live a healthier lifestyle. Drop me a note to change your life today.
Kath Paterson Edinburgh L4 Nutrition Coach Fat loss, nutrition for performance No/Yes Instagram Email coach I aim to help you change your lifestyle, gain confidence and achieve your body goals.
Katie Holland Mossley, Greater Manchester Level 3 PT, BTN Nutrition Coach Female fat loss; Body confidence and mindset coaching. Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach I help women of all shapes, sizes 7 abilities get off the diet rollercoaster, rediscover their confidence and find the fun in movement so they can feel happier and healthier.
Katie Williams Stoke On Trent Level 3 PT and Level 3 GP Referral, L4 Exercise for Management of Lower Back Pain, BTN Nutrition Coach Nutritional programming for fat loss and/or muscle gain, exercise to improve strength, conditioning and balance. Yes/Yes Website Instagram Email coach My services focus on improving your health and fitness and on getting you real results.
Kristy Carmichael London, UK BTN Nutrition Coach Psychology of Eating, Body Positivity Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach As a food and eating psychology coach, I want to help you discover how you can harness the power of nourishing nutrition and emotional well-being, and be comfortable in being yourself.
Lindsey Newbold Southampton, Hampshire, UK Level 3 Sports Massage, Level 4 Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition L1, BSc Sport and Exercise Science Womens Fat Loss and Endurance Sport Yes/No Facebook Contact coach I help women who love endurance sport lose weight and boost their energy levels in 90 days or less without giving up cake or wine
Lyndsey Thompson Aberdeen BTN Nutrition Coach, Advanced Personal Trainer, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist. Pre and Post Natal, Special Populations, Injury Rehab, Marathon Training, Menopause support. Yes/Yes Facebook I offer a bespoke and confidential service with a wide lens approach to incorporate overall well-being for each individual.
Martin Eaton Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK L4 Nutrition Coach, Level 3 PT Fat Loss and Lifestyle coaching Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach I educate people on fitness and nutrition and help them to maximise their health and performance without compromising their lifestyle.
Martin Fenn Reading, Berkshire, UK Level 3 PT, L4 Nutrition Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Rehabilitation Specialist, Advanced Pain Specialist, BSc Sports Coaching Rehabilitation, Body Transformation Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach I help change people's lives, giving them strength and confidence to overcome injury, optimise health and performance and transform their body!
Martine Warner Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK Level 3 PT, L4 Nutrition Coach, 50+ years life experience ! Fat loss, improving health and fitness No/Yes Facebook Contact coach I offer advice, support and accountability to anyone looking to improve their health, fitness and sense of wellbeing through nutrition and exercise.
Matt Wallin Barnstaple, North Devon, UK Level 4 PT, L4 Nutrition Coach, Soft Tissue Therapist, BSc Fitness and Personal Training Fat Loss and Back Pain Management Yes/Yes Website Facebook Contact coach I help people improve their life in a way that suits them, not everyone fits a mould or a system so I have none, its all about you, so if you want something truly personal I’m your coach.
Mike White Blaenau Gwent, South Wales, UK Level 4 S&C coach and PT, SandC Youth Specialist, BTN Nutrition Coach. Fat Loss, Sports Nutrition and Conditioning and Youth and Adult SandC. Yes/Yes Website Facebook Email coach I help youth’s and adults move better, eat healthier, look and feel better and also perform better for sports and for life!
Natalie Butler Suffolk coast, UK Level 3 PT, L4 Nutrition Coach Mum Transformation Coaching, Nutrition, Body and Confidence Yes/No Facebook Contact coach I help busy professional mums look and feel amazing. If you want to become the best version of yourself then my 12 week transformation life coaching plan then I'm you're mum coach!
Neil Perkins Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, UK L4 Nutrition Coach, L3 PT, L3 Professional Chef Sports nutrition, personal chef, bespoke meal planning Yes/Yes Website Contact coach I help competitive individuals with their personal refuelling strategies, providing Olympic standard meals to nourish the demands of their physical abilities and fuel victory!
Pamela Leroy Glasgow, East Renfrewshire, Scotland L3 Fitness Instructing and Coaching, Pre-Post Natal, L4 Nutrition Coach, Bsc Sport, Fitness and Coaching Fat Loss, Sports and Performance, Health and Wellness, Body Recomposition Yes/Yes Facebook Instagram Contact coach Look Better, Feel Better, Move Better
Paul Maughan Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear BTN Nutrition Coach, Level 3 PT, Level 3 Exercise Referral, Sports Psychology, RTS Fat Loss, Muscle Building and Mindset Coaching Yes/Yes Website LinkedIn Contact coach I transform the lives of busy people by helping them build muscle, lose fat and develop healthy habits for life
Paul Mutlow St Albans, Herts, UK Level 3 PT, BTN Practical academy nutrition coach Fat loss Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach I help busy dads get back to their best using a simple to follow but effective approach.
Robert Williams Thame, Oxfordshire, UK Level 3 PT, Level 4 Nutrition Coach, Gym based boxing Fat loss and performance coaching, Nutrition coaching Yes/Yes Instagram Email coach I challenge the strongest and weakest parts of ourselves to adapt and improve to become the best version of ourselves you can be.
Rosie Bailey Bristol L3 Personal Trainer and Exercise Referral Instructor, Level 4 Nutrition Coach Improving body composition and mindset, as well as exercise in people with POTS syndrome. Yes/No Website Instagram Contact coach I help women and men become healthier, stronger and more confident in themselves through my bespoke coaching service - where everything is completely personalised to YOU.
Rosie Collier Solihull, West Midlands, UK Level 4 certificate in nutrition coaching, Level2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health first aid Fat loss, long term sustainable change, freedom from yo-yo dieting and comfort eating Yes/No Website Instagram I offer kind and caring accountability and support to help you lose body fat for good, feel healthier and happier in your own skin and regain your confidence.
Rosie Malcolm Newquay, Cornwall Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 2 Teaching Physical Activity To Children, Level 3 Award In Nutrition For Physical Activity, Level 3 Personal Training, Level 3 Award in Nutrition and Weight Management, Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral, Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise, Circuit and Suspension Training instructor, Level 4 Chronic Lower Back Pain Specialist , BTN Practical Academy Certified Nutrition Coach, British Rowing Indoor Rowing Coach Fat loss, Menopause, Lower Back Pain and injury rehab Yes/Yes Website Facebook Contact coach I provide evidence based, friendly support to help you transform your mindset, fitness level and body shape.
Sarah Cannon Northamptonshire Level 4 Nutrition Coach, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Psychology BSc Fat loss and Mindset coaching Yes/Yes Website Instagram Email coach I help to empower busy people to lead a happier and healthier life through nutritional, mindset and exercise coaching. If you want to ditch the quick fixes, have more control over your food choices and have fun while doing it, then I’m your coach.
Sian Spencer Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, West Wales Level 3 PT, Pre and Post Natal Fitness, TRX Qualified Women’s Health, Weight Loss, Lifestyle Coaching Yes/Yes Contact coach I work with women to feel great and find a healthy balance between exercise and nutrition
Sophie Barnacle London, UK Level 4 PT, Level 4 Nutrition Coach, Dual Pro UFE Fitness Athlete, BA Hons Drama. Fat loss and Mindset Coaching Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach I help people through fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching to feel great, recognise their own true potential and live a life where they are able to thrive. It all starts with the first small decision today, so contact me!
Stacey Murden Cradley Heath, Dudley, UK Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 4 Nutrition Coach Fat Loss, Muscular Development, Body Confidence, Nutrition and Lifestyle. Yes/Yes Instagram Email coach If you're looking for a life change and not a quick fix, then I'm your coach.
Steph Brand Dundee, Scotland. L2 Gym Instructor, L3 Personal Trainer, L1 CrossFit Coach, BTN Academy Nutritionist. Performance, Fat Loss and Mindset. Yes/Yes Instagram I help EDUCATE people so they have the tools to lead a long, happy healthy lifestyle. Regardless of how busy you are, with the right mindset, you can get closer to your goals!
Steph Peel Lincolnshire level 4 nutrition coach weight loss and sports performance Yes/No Instagram Educating and empowering on all things nutrition to make changes for life.
Stephanie Dominguez Athertone, Warwickshire BTN Practical Academy Graduate, Level 2 Gym Instructor, Concept Art Diploma, BA (Hons) Illustrations, BA (Hons) Art and Design. Plant-based and vegan nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Yes/No Website Instagram Contact coach I help people transition to a plant-based diet and become the hero of their transformations.
Stephen Combe Darlington, Co Durham, UK MSc Strength and Conditioning, BSc Sport and Exercise Science, BTN Practical Academy, Precision Nutrition Level 1and2, Biomechanics Diploma, Level 3 PT, Level 3 Sports Massage, NLP practitioner Fat loss and Mindset coaching Yes/Yes Website Facebook Contact coach I help busy parents, look, feel and perform better!
Stuart Paul County Durham BTN Level 4 Sports Nutrition and Fat Loss, Muscle. Yes/No Email coach Providing you with evidence based coaching to hit your fitness and life goals.
Tim Goodman (Guildford, Surrey, UK) Active IQ Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching Fat loss, muscle gain and body recomposition for brides and grooms Yes/No Website Facebook Contact coach FoodFlexibility specialises in helping brides and grooms get in the best possible shape for their wedding day, without the need for crazy exercise regimes, whilst enjoying the foods they love.
Tommy Kelly Ayrshire Scotland Level 2 fitness instructor, level 3 person trainer, BTN certified nutritionist, BSY eating disorder therapist , Weight loss, Muscle gain, eating disorder recovery coaching Yes/No Instagram Email coach I believe in tailored nutrition and fitness that meets your goals and body type without fads or quick fixes, and to empower you to be the best version of yourself.
Toni Steel Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire Level 4 Nutrition coach, Level 3 Personal trainer, Life coaching including goal setting, happiness and life purpose, Pre and post natal coach, Chair based exercises, Hattons boxing fundamentals and advanced Menopausal ladies, Fat loss and mindset Yes/Yes Website Facebook Contact coach I believe everyone is worthy, you should be a priority and its not too late. I am a mature curvy personal trainer and I know the ups and downs of trying to lose weight, I’ve been there and I am still there on my own transformation journey. If you are looking for someone who can relate then I am the coach for you.
Vanessa Stead Inverurie, Aberdeenshire Level 3 PT, Pre/Post Natal Exercise and Nutrition, Level 4 Nutrition Coach Fat loss, behaviour change Yes/No Website Instagram I help ladies look and feel AMAZING
Victoria Hudson Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK Level 3 PT, Active IQ Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching with BTN, CrossFit level 1, Level 3 Exercise Referral Fat loss, Wellness and Mindset and Confidence coach Yes/Yes Website Instagram Contact coach I help ladies change their mindset around diet and training. To free them from the constant battle of yo-yo diets, to look and feel amazing as well as becoming CONFIDENT and STRONG in every aspect of life. If you need someone to change your life and how you look at food/exercise, I’m your coach.
Troy Martin Hitching, Herts, UK L3 PT, BTN.Academy, Future Fit Nutrition Advisor, Kettlebell coach, Post-rehab essentials, Body Geometry Bike Fit Sports Nutrition, Fat Loss, Injury Rehab, Body Composition Yes/Yes Website Instagram Email coach I am an evidence-based fitness and nutrition coach who specialises in nutrition for sports and performance, fat loss and body composition. I have worked with Ben Coomber via Body Type Nutrition and Fat Loss for Life and have presented at the BTN.Academy conference on several occasions. I take a habit-based approach to coaching, helping you to remove your barriers to change, and create a bespoke approach that helps you reach your goals in the most effective and sustainable way possible. My approach is laid-back, compassionate and empathic but don't let that fool you into thinking I can't be strict when needed. Expect banter.