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The Foundation Academy covers fundamental topics such as hydration, sleep and micronutrients in far more detail than the Practical Academy. If you haven't studied these topics before then we would recommend the Foundation Academy first as your knowledge may end up lacking in practice. However, if you have studied nutrition before and then we'd suggest going straight to the practical Academy.

If you’re still unsure, check out our blog on the topic “Should I do the Foundation Academy first?”

At the end of each Foundation Academy module is a multiple choice quiz, and upon passing this you will be able to access the next part of the course. At the end of the course is your final assessment, a longer multiple choice quiz that covers content from all of the 10 modules you have studied.

For the Practical Academy there are 5 assessments throughout the year, each relating to the modules that have just been taught, meaning no big scary exam at the end of the course. These are open-book, written assessments which check your understanding of the theory of nutrition, as well as asking questions that ask you to apply your knowledge in hypothetical, real world client scenarios. We’re not testing your ability to memorise facts and science, we’re testing your ability to coach people.

Absolutely, there are no limitations to studying with us. Our learning material can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Straight away! The Foundation Academy & Self Paced option of the Practical Academy can be started 365 days a year.

We also offer a live cohort option for our Practical Academy which has 2 intakes in spring & autumn. These will either be open for sign up, or you can register your interest and reserve your place prior to intakes.

The Foundation Academy has 10 modules with an average module duration of 3-4 hours a week. However this can be completed quicker based on your starting knowledge.

The Practical Academy has an average study time of 5-7 hours a week. If studying as part of our live cohorts the course will take 12 months to complete. If you would prefer to complete the course quicker, we would recommend our Self Paced option.

If you sign up to one of our self-paced options, you will be enrolled within 24 hours Monday-Friday. At this time, you will be able to gain access to the course, your books will be shipped (Where applicable), and you can get started.

For the live cohorts, once you sign up, our friendly team will be in touch to welcome you aboard and make sure you feel welcome. Roughly 4 weeks ahead of the course starting, you will be enrolled into your cohort’s members' area where you will be able to access module 1 of the course. At this time, you’ll also be welcomed into your cohort Facebook group and have the opportunity to meet your fellow learners and get to know each other. You'll also be able to liaise with Tom, our Head of Education, to discuss anything you need to in order to feel ready to go

The Foundation Academy is a certification whereas the Practical Academy is a Level 4 Qualification in nutrition coaching.

The Foundation Academy is an AfN accredited course which awards 10 CIMSPA CPD points on completion. It is perfect for building on existing knowledge or as an introduction in nutrition.

The Practical Academy is a Level 4 Qualification in Nutrition Coaching that is externally verified by industry leader Active iQ. The qualification sits on the Regulated Qualification Framework at Level 4 so is a great choice for those looking to build on an existing knowledge of nutrition. This qualification will allow you to practice as a nutrition coach and gain insurance to be able to do so.

Dr Mark Fogarty (PhD) who is the senior lecturer at Hull University Health Sciences Department is our Internal Verifier. This is an important role that upholds our quality standards and assessment consistency meaning that everyone who completes an assessment will have their attempt marked fairly and impartially. Having this in place lets you know that this isn’t a pay-to-pass course where certificates mean nothing, and that your assessment will be marked to the same standards as everyone else’s.

Our External Verification is overseen by our awarding body, Active iQ. This ensures that our internal teaching and marking processes are well managed while adhering to regulated qualification framework requirements. These verification processes ensure we can uphold our qualification status and ensure all students graduate with a qualification in nutrition coaching in a fair and robust way. Each intake is individually assessed by our IV and EV to ensure cohort standards are maintained.

No, not at all. Whilst we get a lot of PT's & coaches interested in the academy, we have just as many who are interested in increasing their own understanding of nutrition. A large portion of those outside of the industry are looking to learn as a full or part time job alongside their main career.

A nutrition degree is generally 3 years, and is often very focused on theoretical concepts, rather than real world practical coaching.

So long as you don’t want to work in a hospital or professional sports team (for which you’d need a degree and HCPC or other registration), our Practical Academy Level 4 in Nutrition Coaching Qualification is perfect.

After our course you’ll be able to get insured to work in private practice, groups, online, in the community, and in many other nutrition settings.

Regulated qualifications like the BTN Practical Academy are externally assessed and sit upon a government framework, meaning that we worked with a qualification provider to produce assessments suitable for a level 4 standard.

Most courses available online are certifications, meaning that a course provider has written a course and the associated assessments themselves, and then they hand you their own certificate upon graduation.

All of our marking and delivery of the Practical Academy is quality controlled and 3rd party verified. This means you have the confidence that this isn't a pay-to-pass course and you have earned it. It also means that you have a guarantee that if any marking seems unfair, or if the course isn't provided as you feel it should be, that you can speak to our awarding body (Active iQ) instead of simply hoping we take you seriously!

This also means that this qualification is recognised worldwide, rather than only by people who know who we are - something that you don't typically get with certifications.