Nutrition is a science, but its application is an art, and our Level 4 qualification in Nutrition Coaching seeks to help you bridge the gap between the two. This online certified nutritionist course is ideal for current coaches to upskill; for anyone who is looking to move into the industry as a job or side project; or for anyone looking for the next level in nutrition mastery.

You’ll learn about nutrition, of course, but on top of that, you’ll also be given the skills and support you need to work with real people. We’ll impart the skills so you can truly make a difference in their lives. The course spans twelve months and four bespoke textbooks. This certified nutritionist course is taught by dieticians, sports nutritionists, university lecturers, psychologists, GB athletes and experienced coaches. We want it that way to ensure that the information you’re given isn’t just evidence-based. We want it to be practically relevant to you, and everyone you coach.

No prior knowledge is necessary, though we strongly recommend you check out the BTN Foundation Academy if you’ve never studied nutrition before. We’re available globally and can accommodate people from any time zone; all you need is a passion to master nutrition and the art of coaching.

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