Nutrition is a science, but its application is an art, and our Active IQ Level 4 qualification in Nutrition Coaching seeks to help you bridge the gap between the two. This online nutrition course is ideal for current coaches to upskill, for anyone who is looking to move into nutrition coaching as a job or side project, or for anyone looking for the next level in nutrition mastery.

You’ll learn about nutrition, of course, but on top of that you’ll also be given the skills and support you need to work with real people, in the real world, and truly make a difference in their lives. Spanning 12 months and four bespoke textbooks, this online course is taught by dieticians, sports nutritionists, university lecturers, psychologists, GB athletes and experienced coaches, ensuring that the information you’re given isn’t just evidence based, but practically relevant to you and everyone you coach.

No prior knowledge is necessary, though we strongly recommend you check out the BTN Foundation Academy if you’ve never studied nutrition before. We’re available globally and can accommodate people from any time zone, all you need is a passion to master nutrition and the art of coaching.

Due to the Christmas holidays, all enrolments for orders made from the 22nd December onwards will be done on the morning of 29th, then all orders after this date will be enrolled on the 4th January. Merry Christmas!


As a Personal Trainer you have access to your clients for only a few hours per week, limiting the effect you can have with them. By offering nutrition coaching as an additional service alongside your exercise coaching you open the door to far better results with clients, leading to better testimonials and more clients over time. Nutrition Coaching is also something you can offer as a separate service, enabling you to enter the online marketplace

Nutrition coaching should always be sold as a stand-alone product or package within a business, and so those who aren’t personal trainers are just as capable of offering a nutrition coaching service as those who are. If you have no interest in working with people in a gym environment but want to help change lives through health and nutritional management then this course can help you do just that.


  • Lesson 1: Course introduction/What is evidence based practice?
  • Lesson 2: What is health?
  • Lesson 3: Critical thinking
  • Lesson 4: Reading research - What do we need?
  • Lesson 5: The digestive system
  • Lesson 6: The fasted and fed states
  • Lesson 7: Energy production and protein synthesis
  • Lesson 8: Coaching weight loss - The stages of change
  • Lesson 9: Coaching weight loss - Barriers and addiction
  • Lesson 10: Coaching weight loss - Nutritional programming
  • Lesson 11: Case study - Weight loss client
  • Lesson 12: Nutritional strageties to maximise hypertrophy
  • Lesson 13: Effective consultations
  • Lesson 14: Tracking and monitoring body composition
  • Lesson 15: Tracking and monitoring nutrient intakes
  • Lesson 16: Effective online coaching
  • Lesson 17: Food environment and habits
  • Lesson 18: Group online weight loss coaching
  • Lesson 19: Stress and your clients' progress
  • Lesson 20: Motivational interviewing
  • Lesson 21: Alcohol
  • Lesson 22: Case study - Shift worker
  • Lesson 23: Evidence based nutrition for endurance sports
  • Lesson 24: Assisted athletes
  • Lesson 25: Team sports nutrition
  • Lesson 26: Coaching bodybuilding competition preparation
  • Lesson 27: Nutritional considerations for making weight
  • Lesson 28: Female clients
  • Lesson 29: Pre and post natal clients
  • Lesson 30: Case study - Crossfit athlete
  • Lesson 31: Intermittent fasting
  • Lesson 32: Child nutrition
  • Lesson 33: Helping clients with diabetes
  • Lesson 34: Helping clients with PCOS
  • Lesson 35: Injury recovery nutrition
  • Lesson 36: Ketogenic dieting
  • Lesson 37: Allergy, intolerances and the immune system
  • Lesson 38: IBS
  • Lesson 39: Plant based nutrition
  • Lesson 40: Elderly clients
  • Lesson 41: Eating disorders in the fitness industry
  • Lesson 42: Case study - PCOS
  • Lesson 43: Case study - Female client with multiple barriers
  • Lesson 44: Exam preparation/Final Q&A

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