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Want to learn a specific topic (or several) in nutrition without the commitment of signing up to one of our full courses? Choose from any of our modules on The BTN Practical Academy and learn in bite sized chunks.  

The BTN Bitesize Academy is perfect for personal trainers, coaches, and individuals looking to improve their nutrition knowledge in specific areas. Each bite-sized module contains our full 1-2 hour lecture on that topic alongside a PDF version of that chapter from our course textbook, delivered straight to your email. Each module is taught by the relevant expert whom teaches on the course, so you’re always been taught by one of the leading authorities on that topic in the world of nutrition.  

For example you might be keen to learn about female health and choose our PCOS and menstrual cycle modules, or into sports nutrition and get our endurance nutrition, sports nutrition and bodybuilding modules, or want to learn about reading research and critical thinking. That’s the beautify of our bitesize academy, choose and pay for what you want, nothing more. Check out all our modules in full detail before you choose HERE in our course module syllabus. 

No prior nutrition knowledge is required, just a desire to learn and the time to do so. Start your nutrition journey today and try the Bitesize Academy from BTN Academy, choosing 1 or more modules from our 4 stages of the BTN Practical Academy.


  • Wide variety of subjects to chose from
  • Modules taken from our accredited Level 4 Nutrition Coaching Qualification
  • Try a module before you buy our full course
  • Get specific knowledge in a specific interest area you have 
  • Learn around work and home life, in your own time
Bitesize Academy

What's included

  • 1-2 hour webinar
  • PDF chapter of the relevant course textbook 
  • Access to the BTN Coaching Community
  • Buy 2 get 1 FREE! Use code BUY2GET1 at checkout

Purchase course modules

Pick and mix modules

The Science of Nutrition Coaching

$52.00 USD per module These modules set the tone for how we should operate as coaches, allowing us to form an open yet critical mind that is able to analyse science.
Pick and mix modules

The Art of Nutrition Coaching

$52.00 USD per module These modules show you the means by which key nutritional principles can be applied in the real world.
Pick and mix modules

Sports Nutrition in Practice

$52.00 USD per module These modules show you how the artful application of key nutrition principles can apply specifically to those in a COMPETITIVE ATHLETIC environment.
Pick and mix modules

Nutrition Coaching for Specific Populations

$52.00 USD per module These modules build upon the previous ones to give you tools to start working with different demographics, outlining the principles of nutrition, communication and psychology.
Closed until 2024
Applications Closed until 2024