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Eating Well Doesn't Have To Be Expensive: Why Now Is The Best Time to Improve Your Relationship With Food banner image

Eating Well Doesn't Have To Be Expensive: Why Now Is The Best Time to Improve Your Relationship With Food

Posted on | Last updated 27-10-2022

With the world’s financial situation in peril and budgets tightening, the cost of food is something that is weighing on everyone's minds. In the UK, inflation increased food prices by 5.1% with fresh food prices increasing by 10.5%. Naturally, this has led many to wonder if healthy eating can still be sustainable. After all, when people think of healthy food, they often picture expensive restaurant meals or pricey organic ingredients that aren’t practical for most. Surprisingly, now is a great time to start eating well. There are so many ways to eat and cook nutritious dishes, and research has also shown that a healthy and sustainable diet is much cheaper in the long run too. Here are a few things you can do to start improving your relationship with food without breaking the bank.


You're going to eat at home more often

With prices increasing, dining out has become more of a luxury than a regular occurrence. Cooking and eating at home has become more of the norm, and it’s beneficial for both your body and your wallet. Cooking at home gives you more control over what you’re making. This means you can cook the cuisine you want and handpick ingredients so you can choose the more nutritious options. Staying at home also staves off the temptation to chow down on expensive dishes or cheap but unhealthy meals. Instead of satisfying a craving by ordering or going out, make an effort to learn a recipe and cook it yourself! It’ll be healthier, cheaper, and more fulfilling. 


You can be more conscious of what you eat

A financial crisis often leads people to cut down costs and adjust their dietary choices to fit their budget better. Fortunately, finding cheap and healthy options can be done through the use of technology. Even modern diet plans with food tracking apps can be used to track meals and food expenses easily. Users can further personalise their plans using built-in recipe and restaurant databases according to their preferences and their budgets. Barcode scanners are also used to help track these foods and can even display the nutritional value so you’re aware of how this ingredient can nourish you. When you shop, don’t just grab what you need and go—use handy tech tools to take a look at the food’s nutritional value and avoid high amounts of sugar, sodium, and cholesterol. By doing so, you’ll be better informed about the food you’re about to buy and the nutritional benefits they come with.


You can make the most of your meal prep

When shopping and preparing for your meals, it may be difficult to find, prepare, and cook ingredients for several meals without going over your budget. As such, this is a great time to explore batch cooking. When done right, batch cooking your meals can supply you with food for a few days and can save you money and time by reducing trips to the grocery. Buying in bulk can also be more time-saving and is cheaper than buying in smaller quantities. You can use discounts and deals to buy larger packages of food that you can incorporate into different dishes before freezing the excess. To avoid buying too many different ingredients, choose a few meals that you know you enjoy, are easy to cook, and that you’re willing to repeat. This will make cooking and shopping a lot easier.


You can embrace simplicity in your meals

Healthy meals don’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be good for you. Simple and easy-to-make foods can be just as packed with nutrients while being easy on the wallet. For instance, soups are incredibly quick to prepare and you can change up the ingredients for more variety. Sandwiches are also a great food option that packs multiple food groups all into one delicious package. Even the humble egg on its own is rich in protein. Don’t feel pressured to cook fancy, healthy-looking meals all the time; the basics are still great ways to eat well on a budget.


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