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Are you the problem?

Posted on | Last updated 19-09-2017

I’m a nice guy, I like to educate, and 99% of the time I’m all about empowering people through education and realisation, but, not today.

There are times where tough love is needed.

We need to be told direct, upfront, 100% honestly what the issue is.

Now I’m not going to tell you YOU are the problem, I’m going to ask you if you are the problem. And it’s your job to be 100% honest with yourself and answer YES or NO.

Either answer is good, it doesn’t matter if it’s yes or no, what’s key is that we get honest with ourselves then find solutions to the problem. Without an honest appraisal of the situation we can’t find solutions that will work. We will just hop on another diet for a few weeks and hope for the best.

We’ll, I’ll tell you now it’s not going to work. It will likely end the same as the last ‘diet’ you did.

Fat loss isn’t always easy, but it is simple. People overeat, but the big question is, WHY?

I’ve been at events this last week presenting a new talk of mine called 25 Reason’s you’re not losing body fat which discusses all the road blocks we put in our way to achieving optimal fat loss. And it’s a very honest and upfront seminar, one that will make you think.

There is one key reason we gain weight, we eat too much, but why? How?

Why are people holding themselves back?

The knowledge part is easy, we can acquire the right knowledge to successfully lose weight, and a TON of my work can help you with that, blogs, podcasts, I’ve been at this so many years there’s just oodles of good info that can help you.

But for many it’s not knowledge, it’s our environment and our habits.

Ask yourself right now, 100% honestly, no holes barred, as brutal as it comes out of your mouth….

Why do you want to lose weight?

Whatever that reason is, it doesn’t matter, no one else needs to know, it’s your goal, no one else’s. Whatever that real reason is it needs to drive you, inspire you, and compel you to take action.

Don’t be that person that holds yourself back. Don’t kid yourself with the action that needs to be taken.

Ultimately if you believe you need to eat salad for 10 weeks to achieve your goal (and you don’t btw, but run with me on this example), then are you compelled, driven and motivated enough to do that, and if not, why not? What will stop you, and why?

It’s all these barriers we need to break down. It’s upsetting as a coach to watch people be their own worst enemy, binge eating, wanting to drink all the time, not going to bed on time, being led astray by other people, there are tonnes of reasons we sabotage our own success, but I know it is my job to try inspire change, and I am attempting to do this with tough love.

People being led astray by others, forget that bulls**t. Do what you want to do. YOU. Not anyone else, YOU.

Binge eating, why, what’s the deep-seated reason for this, and can you talk with someone to get some perspective on this (I talk about this a lot when coaching people), and maybe if it’s a serious problem for you get some professional help.

Wanting to drink all the time, seeking fun in alcohol, why, do you not have interests and things you enjoy that don’t revolve around alcohol, do you have to drink 3, 4 or more drinks, can you stop at 2 and have just as much fun?

I’m not saying any of these things above are inherently bad, what I want you to do is be honest with yourself and identify where the problem is, and focus on WHY you want to change, and then identify WHAT needs to change.

And yeah, that does mean saying NO to things sometimes and having that feeling of missing out, BUT, we get the satisfaction of having a much better goal… our ultimate goal, the body and mind and feeling amazing every day!

We must identify the problem, be 100% honest with ourselves.

Fat loss is simple, but it’s not always easy

We must identify the problem, be 100% honest with ourselves, and create a direct solution to that problem. I don’t want you to be the problem, I don’t want you to be your own worst enemy, I want you to be in a place where you can empower yourself and up-skill yourself to achieve great things.

If there is one thing that I value the most in my life it’s what I know about health and nutrition. Why?

Because it serves me so well, I feel amazing every day, I am energised every day, I have the energy and ability to exercise to my potential, I sleep well, I can concentrate and focus where needed on my work and career, I can live the life I want to live, exactly as I want to.

When you don’t have your health and nutrition nailed down this all becomes SO much harder, the body simply isn’t in an optimal place, or often in a happy place.

What needs to happen as a result of this blog, as a starting point, is that you need to allow yourself to be happy and healthy. First, we have to give ourselves permission.

So many don’t, and this is a problem. You don’t need permission from anyone else, it’s your life, live it your way, on your terms.

Choose health, choose happiness, be honest with what needs to change and focus on the amazing things that change will bring.

I used to be obese, now I am not, and it’s the most rewarding journey I ever went on, question is, are you ready and prepared to go on your journey?

Give yourself permission today, you deserve to be happy and healthy, take what you want, do what is needed and leave the dieting BS behind!

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