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How to Build a Diet and be Awesome

In 4 hours, how much could you learn about nutrition, lifestyle optimisation, sleep, recovery, performance, supplements, and more?

Throughout 2016 and in spring 2017 Ben Coomber toured the whole of the UK delivering his flagship seminar ‘How to Build a Diet and be Awesome’, and we recorded it, in full. The aim of this seminar is to empower keen or wannabe fitness individuals, personal trainers, coaches, and people lost with their health and fitness with all the information you needed to change; build a diet, optimise your health and performance, and get the results you want.

In this information packed seminar you will learn how build your own diet and personalise it, how to set REAL goals that you actually achieve, how to manipulate your own body composition and performance, know what supplements to take and why, how to optimise your recovery and training, and finally, know not just how to be fit, healthy, and achieve all your goals, but to be truly awesome as a result!

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How to Build a Diet and be Awesome

What you will learn

In this information packed, flagship, 4 hour seminar of Ben’s you will learn:

Part 1: How to Build a Diet from the Ground Up

  • The importance of having a personal Pinnochio moment
  • The problems with diets
  • Why you’re not currently achieving your goals
  • Intrinsic vs extrinsic goal setting
  • How to be successful with a diet
  • Accepting failure and having a plan B
  • A new way to view food and how it affects the human body
  • What your plate should look like, a 3 step plan
  • Carbs vs. fats, the energy debate and personalisation
  • Portion control vs. calorie counting
  • IIFYM and flexible dieting
  • Calculating calories for your bodies needs
  • Finding your calorie ceiling
  • Reactive foods and what to do about it
  • How to optimise exercise performance with food
  • Learning why variety is the spice of life
  • Summary of how to build a diet

Part 2: Stress, Recovery, Performance and Supplementation

  • Evolving you as the athlete
  • The 8 recovery factors
  • Sleep and how to optimise it
  • Why we wake up at night
  • Sleep hacks and supplements
  • Optimising calorie and macronutrient intake
  • What we can learn from veganism
  • Assessing training load and your recovery capacity
  • Hydration strategies
  • Blood flow and nutrient delivery
  • Muscle tissue quality, a different perspective
  • Magnesium: A recovery weapon
  • Optimising your yin and yang
  • Health supplements
  • Recovery supplements
  • Performance supplements
  • Q&A at the end from the attendee’s

Who is this seminar aimed at?

This seminar is aimed at people with beginner and intermediate knowledge levels, but it will also offer a lot of clarity to individuals who are confused as to what is the right diet to follow, the right information to believe, and much more. It will also give people an idea of how to focus on what is really important in health and fitness and give you a lot of 'ah ha' moments.

How to Build a Diet and be Awesome

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How to Build a Brand - TEASER

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