Switch over from Netflix for a bit and invest in some nutrition knowledge and inspiration with our recorded seminars and workshops from head coach Ben Coomber. Whether you’re looking to learn more about nutrition as a whole, you’re coaching others as a personal trainer, or in the business of fitness, you’re in the right place and with each video we promise we’ll deliver far more than its cost.

If you’re looking to lose weight watch Ben’s iconic ’25 Reason’s you’re not losing body fat’ talk, a fast-paced, high impact seminar on fat loss. Then go one step further with Ben’s UK Tour seminar ‘Build a diet and be Awesome’, a 4 -our nutrition journey on mastering your health and weight.

For the coaches and personal trainers learn from Ben’s 11 years in the industry with his honest and powerful ‘How to Build a Brand’ talk, a seminar he’s only done once in public. Then get tips on being the best coach you can be with ’10 Ways to be an Awesome Coach’ and ‘Developing the Young Athlete’.