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Module 9 - Business 101

To work as a coach, you need to register your business, and this call tells you how to do just that. We explain how to register as self-employed and what this means for your taxes, and where to learn more if needed. We go through applying for insurance which is relevant to the sector and explain the limitations of that insurance to ensure that you are always legally protected. We then work with you to create your mission statement and develop a clear direction for your work. Without fundamental skills like those which you will learn in this module, it’s very difficult to get yourself off the ground. During this module you will also be asked to start a reflective journal. An informative, grounding call for business owners, or potential business owners.

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • To outline the key things you need to consider when building a new business
  • Explain the differences/pros/cons of being a ltd company or a sole trader
  • Make students aware or legalities, TAX, VAT and insurance, and where to learn more
  • Explain basic business structure – do you hire anyone?
  • Describe the process of actually growing a business. Are you ready? Do you have the resources?
  • Explain the power of, and show the practical steps needed to make a mission statement

*Note: As a previous or current Academy student, you can get this module for £20 (if you did the Foundation) or £15 (if you did the Practical). Please email for your own specific discount code to use at checkout.