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Module 6 - Motivational Interviewing

When we work with a client, we often make the mistake of assuming that the client is eager to do what we ask of them. The client came to us for advice, so they will take our advice, right? This is often not the case, and client adherence is probably the single biggest factor which stands between us and the success which we seek. Motivational interviewing is a technique of asking leading questions, giving autonomy to the client, and allowing them to reach the desired conclusion on their own. This empowers a client, rather than belittling them by laying down instructions, and changes the coach: client dynamic to one which is far more positive. This module, in short, will teach you how to get a client to change their behaviours when, outwardly, they may appear resistant, and thus can turn a ‘difficult client’ into a success story.

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • To explain what motivational interviewing is, and why it is important for behaviour change
  • To explain how MI is used specifically within the realms of health and fitness
  • To show how MI can be used to help clients who are less motivated and therefore more likely to have poor adherence to a plan
  • To make students aware of the limits of their practice with some behaviour change
  • To enable students to use some basic principles of motivational interviewing while consulting and coaching clients

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