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Module 5 - Coaching Relationship

Coaching isn’t just about knowing nutrition and programming. It requires expert people skills and an ability to build rapport very quickly with people who view you as an authority figure. In this module we show you how to create an environment of trust, understanding and friendship which is long lasting, but with the boundaries which are appropriate for this kind of professional relationship. We give you tips and skills needed to create and maintain accountability, and show you how gifts and incentives can be used to increase retention and referrals. Finally, we will talk money – how do you set a price and, when the time comes, how do you raise it?

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • To explain how a coaching relationship is forged and maintained
  • To explain the different means of creating and strengthening the relationship you have with clients
  • Give examples of different communication methods
  • Provide examples of ‘extra mile’ steps which you can take with clients
  • Emphasise that successful businesses focus on retention before marketing
  • Explain referral packages, their implementation and their importance

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