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Module 4 - Online Assessment

Building upon the Practical Academy content, this module explains fully how to take an online client from their initial enquiry to their goal. How do we book an online consultation, and what ground work do we do before that? What do we need from the consultation and how do we build everything we have learned into a plan? This is a highly interactive module call with live examples to help you understand and appreciate the process as it happens – it is designed to give you the best chances of taking a client on and getting them the results which they deserve when coaching online.

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • To explain the approach taken for taking someone from a Facebook enquiry to a regular client
  • To explain how an online coach ‘makes the sale’
  • To describe the pre-sign up processes
  • To give accountability, check in and adherence tips
  • To provide different examples to illustrate different situations of client accountability

*Note: As a previous or current Academy student, you can get this module for £20 (if you did the Foundation) or £15 (if you did the Practical). Please email for your own specific discount code to use at checkout.