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Module 3 - 1:1 Client Coaching

You’ve had a consultation with a client and they are on board. You’ve asked them the basic questions and they are in reasonable health, and it’s time to complete a screening or assessment…now what do you do? This module takes you through the assessment process which coach, Simon Herbert, uses with his clients in his successful Sheffield based gym, Pro Fitness Sheffield. Simon goes through the physical assessment process and what to look for, then shows you how to then build that into an effective training program including proper exercise regressions for maximal movement efficiency. This module will help you build a program around a client, rather than using standardised, cookie cutter routines. If a client cannot squat and you have only bars and a rack to work with – what do you do?

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • To explain the coaching process in real terms
  • To describe how we use the assessment to build a program for the client in a justifiable and targeted manner, rather than haphazardly
  • To explain how we would use the information we have received about their nutritional habits to initiate nutrition coaching
  • To explain progression/regression of exercises
  • To give you example methods of tracking data

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