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Module 23 - Creating a Gym

After building a business for a certain amount of time, and working with a large number of clients, many coaches look to open their own facility. Having your own gym or studio allows you to set the rules, decide the equipment, set the opening hours and choose the music, but it also gives you the freedom to work with moderate or large groups of people with no extra costs. If you have a large following, having your own facility could increase your income, but it could also profoundly increase your levels of stress and financial worry. How do you do it properly and to create the gym and life you imagined. After answering the big question – “are you ready?” Simon Herbert takes you through the stages he took to opening a gym, from picking a location to securing the necessary licenses. He then helps you explore your options, from setting group sizes, to memberships, deciding on open or closed gym formats and generating secondary income streams. If you’re hoping to one day open your own doors, this module provides an invaluable amount of information, advice and direction to start you on your way.

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What you will learn

Lesson aims

  • To explain the steps required before opening a gym
  • To describe and explain the questions you need to ask yourself before starting out
  • To explain the relevance of an avatar when creating and planning a gym
  • To give examples of things you need in place – business plan, budget forecast, membership software and payment systems
  • To show students the things to look for when buying equipment and designing a layout
  • To explain the importance of a good community and environment in a small gym

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