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Module 22 - Offline Marketing

The online world seems like the most attractive and easiest way to market your business these days. But we must not forget offline marketing, the marketing that we did, that arguable works more effectively, 20 years ago before the advent of social media. We could also argue that a coach needs to master offline marketing before they expand into the online marketing world, because ultimately it’s a quicker win if you are willing to step outside your comfort zone. Learn the best ways to recruit clients using offline marketing tactics.

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • Explain how to market PT services offline
  • Explain why offline marketing is as important as it is
  • Understand the value of being the ‘authority’ in their area
  • Have examples of local marketing including flyer drops, business contacts, local paper articles and radio appearances, charity events, speaking gigs and coffee shop flyers

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