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Module 19 - Social Media Marketing

You know the major platforms, now it’s time to learn how do you pull it all together. In this module we explain the process of creating a social media schedule. When should you post, to what platform, should you put money behind it, and why? Creating a plan makes it significantly easier to plan out your weekly marketing, and creating a good one will improve the chances of interaction. After all, consistency is king, but it’s time to learn what to be consistent with.

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • To fully understand the role that social media plays in modern fitness businesses
  • To be able to create a useful, effective social media schedule
  • To understand when and why to pay for social media advertising on any given platform
  • To be aware of sources of further information
  • To recognise common pitfalls people fall in to when using social media in general

*Note: As a previous or current Academy student, you can get this module for £20 (if you did the Foundation) or £15 (if you did the Practical). Please email for your own specific discount code to use at checkout.