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Module 18 - Email and Website Building

If you wanted to get a website, should you build it yourself, or pay someone to do it? If you were going to do it yourself, what platform would you use, what would be on each page, and what purpose does each page serve with your prospective customers? All these factors need to be considered when having a landing spot for your business online, an important step in the modern world of business. In this module we will discuss all the considerations with planning building a website, how to make it as effective as possible, and how email and a lead magnet is maybe the missing ingredient from many websites in securing on-going business from potential clients.

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • To explain the importance of email marketing in some form or other
  • To show how to choose the platforms you will use
  • To explain how to build a list at first, including lead magnets/ebooks/seminars etc
  • To show how to write an effective email
  • To explain the importance of the email title line
  • To give the pros and cons of different email schedules, then explain the importance of timing
  • To explain email testing

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