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Module 17 - Paid Marketing

If you were going to set up an ad on social media, how would you do it? Who would you target, and how? How much should you spend, and how do you assess if it’s working or not? In this module we explode the area of paid marketing, giving you the basic skills to run a simple ad to recruit more clients into your business.

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • Online and offline paid marketing
  • To understand the different forms of paid marketing
  • To learn how to create audiences
  • Understand how to segment audiences and offset them against each other.
  • To be able to plan a marketing cycle and how to create it

*Note: As a previous or current Academy student, you can get this module for £20 (if you did the Foundation) or £15 (if you did the Practical). Please email for your own specific discount code to use at checkout.