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Module 13 - Building Yourself as a Brand

A personal trainer isn’t just a trainer, a personal trainer is a brand. We operate in an industry with a very low barrier to entry, swamped by poor quality coaches who are in it for the money and not helping people – you are different. You care about your personal development because you care about your clients’ results. You want to do the best by people, and that’s admirable; you deserve more clients, in the same way that clients deserve to be coached by someone like you. The problem is, great coaches with great morals often make for terrible self-promoters, and that makes it far more difficult to stand out in a poor quality yet highly vocal crowd – it’s time to change that. This module takes you through building your brand, from your on and offline persona, to your business name, your logo and your means of communicating with the masses. Are you a poor writer, thus blogging and Facebook seem difficult? Uncomfortable on camera? How do you work around that? Finally, we will talk you through estimated timescales for growing your brand, and tips which Ben use to constantly innovate and come up with new ideas.

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • To explain the importance of picking your niche so you can understand your audience
  • To show how to develop ‘branding’ including logos, symbols, language, colours, domain names, how you present yourself, what you post on social media, how and what you write, how you go about presenting your values and selecting partners
  • To show how to stay current and involved with your audience’s thought process in different realms
  • To explain the way to grow from unknown to known at three different points
  • To give approximate expected timescales for things to happen

*Note: As a previous or current Academy student, you can get this module for £20 (if you did the Foundation) or £15 (if you did the Practical). Please email for your own specific discount code to use at checkout.