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Module 12 - Online Group Coaching

1:1 coaching is the bread and butter of the coaching industry, and most of us would rather have 1:1 clients than anything else, but we need to be realistic. Group coaching provides the dual benefit of being more affordable for the consumer and therefore increasing the audience which you are able to help, but also increasing your income per unit of time. This can be difficult to do online, however. Module 12 explains how to set up, format and run an online group coaching service, from marketing to day to day management. We then show you how we ensure results are maximised and adherence and engagement is second to none. Group coaching shouldn’t mean that clients get a poor service, and this call makes sure you’re able to live up to that.


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What you will learn

 Module aims:

  • To explain the benefits and drawbacks of online group coaching
  • To show you, the students, the process for setting up an online group, bringing clients in and getting results
  • To show you how to make the running of the group easy/streamlined
  • To describe the way which online group coaching can still be bespoke to each individual without taking up too much time
  • To explain the ways to set up payment for group coaching

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