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Module 10 - Business 102

Once you have your business aims, your mission statement and your values in line, how do you start to make a difference in the world? First of all, you need to create an avatar, or potentially various different ones for different aspects of your business. This module takes you through the thought process involved with creating a robust avatar which you can work with as a result of your mission statement. Once you have your avatar, you can start to mould your message to suit – which systems do you need? Do you need a website? Should you use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, all of them or none? Do you need a booking system? What about something to track client check ins? Finally, how do you balance this all with your revenue stream to make sure you maximise your profitability from day one? This module will cover all of this and more to give you serious clarity on moving forward with your business.

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What you will learn

 Module aims:

  • To explain the key pros and cons of online vs offline businesses
  • To explain the usefulness of an avatar, and show how to create one
  • To show students how to use an avatar to determine everything their business does
  • To explain working in and on a business, the difference and the need for both

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