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Module 1 - How BTN Built its Brand

At the start of any journey in business we need to set the tone. But first, we shall start with our journey. Body Type Nutrition has grown from a one-man band, to having a broad coaching team, to an education program, to group coaching programs, to having a key voice in the fitness industry, all while creating jobs, opportunities, products, learning platforms, infrastructure, and having substantial financial growth. In this module, Ben Coomber will discuss the growth of BTN, what we have learned, mistakes it wouldn’t make again, how the numbers stack up, and more, while looking ahead to its ambitious plans for the future.

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What you will learn

Module aims:

  • For you to understand where BTN has come from a business perspective
  • To learn the lessons that we learnt along the way
  • To see the progressions any business goes through
  • For you to identify in a journey that might not always be easy; for you to learn from our mistakes
  • To see how a business is scaled and the layers it has to build with staff and resources
  • Where businesses need investment and time allocated
  • How the right staff/people are integral

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