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Nutrition is an applied science meaning that anything you recommend or do must involve coaching and communicative skill, but first and foremost it means you need to understand nutritional theory. We recommend anyone looking to become a nutrition coach first grounds themselves in the fundamentals (which you can read in our Foundation Academy book – HERE), and once that foundation has been laid they should move on to develop a greater understanding of the science behind the coaching practice itself.

This, the first book that accompanies our BTN Practical Academy, is designed to enable the reader to appreciate the facts that underlie the coaching practice – the things that will apply to everyone you coach and so the principles by which you make all other decisions regarding your client recommendations. After reading it you will be better placed to think critically, to analyse information, and to make sure the things you ask a client to do are scientifically sound. This book will make you a better coach and will provide a starting place from which you can take the rest of your career development forward.

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What you will learn

What do we learn when we are looking at the science of nutrition coaching? We need to first ground ourselves as a critical, evidence based thinker, someone able to analyse claims and science for what it really is. Once that is done we need to understand the way in which food actually interacts with the human body so that we are better placed to contextualise everything else that we will learn about nutritional science. You can’t fix a car without knowing how an engine works, and you can’t comprehensively coach nutrition without knowing what it means to say ‘protein helps growth and repair’, or ‘fat loss happens due to a calorie deficit’.

In this book we will cover: 

  • Module 1: What is evidence-based practice
  • Module 2: What is a nutritionist
  • Module 3: Critical thinking
  • Module 4: Reading research
  • Module 5: The digestive system
  • Module 6: The fasted and fed states
  • Module 7: Energy production and protein synthesis
  • Module 8: Energy balance and rates of loss/gain

This is a highly comprehensive, 180 page nutrition textbook on the science of nutrition coaching, which we strongly recommend before moving on to any of the other three BTN Academy Practical books. Take a peek inside of the full contents, introduction and module one by clicking the PDF button. 

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