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Are you ready to geek out and get scientific on all the fundamentals of nutrition, health and weight management?

‘The Fundamentals of Nutrition, Health & Weight Management’ is a book that accompanies our Foundation Academy course (Certified by the AfN and REPS). It’s designed to teach you ‘the basics’ like you’ve never learned them before by going into great depth on all the core areas of nutrition, including calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, sleep, supplements, habit change, food environment and more.

This book is for the person looking to geek out and take their nutrition knowledge to a more advanced level. Each heavily-referenced chapter gives you an evidence-based overview on topics that most have heard about, but which are rarely fully explained in this much detail. After reading this book you’ll have a far greater understanding of how food interacts with your body and how we interact with it, enabling you to manage your own nutrition or that of someone else with far more confidence. 

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What you will learn

Whether you’re a coach or simply interested in advancing your understanding of nutrition, this is your opportunity to get the information you need to do what you want to do. If you are a coach, however, we highly recommend going through our whole AfN and REPS certified course so you can get all of the benefits of interactive learning, possibly then moving on to our coaching-focused Practical Academy. You can read about both HERE

This book is broken down into 10 core modules:

  • Module 1: Principals of weight management
  • Module 2: The macronutrients
  • Module 3: The micronutrients
  • Module 4: Hydration and fibre
  • Module 5: Food labels and portion control
  • Module 6: Dietary tracking and flexibility
  • Module 7: Sleep science
  • Module 8: Supplements for health and performance
  • Module 9: Habits and food environment
  • Module 10: Goal setting and adherence

To get a full understanding of the depth of this 360 page nutrition textbook, click on the PDF button to view our full book contents page, to read the introduction, and view part of module 1. It’s always good to try before you buy! 

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