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Are you ready to truly understand the Art of Nutrition Coaching and take your clients results to the next level?

While understanding nutritional science and theory is critical to being a nutrition coach, the real magic comes in the application of these principles; in actually having the coaching skills to empower your clients with meaningful change. Most people know a the basics of good nutritional practice, but few implement it, and this is where the art of nutrition coaching makes the difference. This is the 2ndbook that accompanies our 12 month online nutrition course, The BTN Practical Academy, a book focused on applicable and empowering coaching methodology. 

This is where you really start to understand nutrition in a way that changes lives.

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What you will learn

The Art of Nutrition Coaching has been compiled by a team of evidence-based coaches who still work with clients every day, so you can be assured that what we are teaching is as a result of years of research analysis, but importantly, it’s also informed by in-the-trenches knowledge of what works in the real world. There is only so much you can learn from research, the rest must be learnt through the experience of those who have ‘been there and done it’, and this book combines both.

In this book we will cover: 

  • Module 9: The stages of change
  • Module 10: Barriers and addiction in fat loss
  • Module 11: Programming for fat loss
  • Module 12: Maximising hypertrophy
  • Module 13: Effective consultations
  • Module 14: Monitoring body composition
  • Module 15: Monitoring food intakes
  • Module 16: Effective online coaching
  • Module 17: Food environments and habits
  • Module 18: Online group weight loss coaching
  • Module 19: Stress and client progress
  • Module 20: Motivational interviewing
  • Module 21: Alcohol and its effects

This is a highly comprehensive, 310 page nutrition textbook covering all the important areas of nutrition coaching from our team of practicing nutrition coaches. Click the PDF button to view the full module breakdown, read the introduction, and experience one of the module chapters.

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