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Athletic performance is dictated by a number of different factors including training intensity, programming, rest, genetics, environment, sleep quality and of course, nutrition. In no other situation is the old adage ‘food is fuel’ more true, and so anyone hoping to perform at a high level or coach others who do the same needs to know exactly what is needed for proper fuelling and recovery.

In the third book accompanying the BTN Practical Academy, “Sports Nutrition in Practice”, a team of top coaches illustrate the evidence-based methods that can be used to ensure an athlete is able to perform at their best. We look at strength sports, endurance sports, team sports, combat sports and more to make sure that you, the nutrition coach, are always prepared to optimise all of the factors under your control.

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What you will learn

Whether you’re an athlete hoping to make the best of what you do, a gym owner wanting to advise your highly driven members a little better, or a coach with a roster of high-flyers in your client list this book will give you what you need to optimise your approach. We cover fuelling endurance sports, making weight for weight class sports, coaching a team of athletes, getting shredded for a bodybuilding competition, and the basic things you need to know as a nutrition coach about clients who may be using PED’s. Take your client’s results to the next level

In this book we will cover: 

  • Module 22: Evidence-based workout nutrition for endurance sport
  • Module 23: Assisted athletes: What you need to know
  • Module 24: Team sports nutrition coaching
  • Module 25: Nutritional considerations for bodybuilding prep
  • Module 26: Making weight

This is a highly comprehensive, 132 page nutrition textbook on the practicalities of coaching athletes, which follows on perfectly from Book 2, the Art of Nutrition Coaching. Click the PDF button to view the full module breakdown, read the introduction, and experience one of the module chapters.

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