Who is this Fitness Business Coaching Course For?

Being a great coach is one thing, making a success of your coaching business is another. When surveyed, most coaches struggle financially in their first two years of being a coach, and this is due to a lack of business skills relevant to the fitness industry. The BTN Business Academy is a 10 module online fitness business coaching course for coaches to upskill in the areas of offline marketing, online marketing, client care, working the gym floor, social media, client retention, business management, networking, systematisation, public speaking, and more.

Each module includes a comprehensive recorded webinar, detailed notes, and access to our community of coaches to ask questions and gain confidence in your future business plan. As a coach or personal trainer, it is no longer enough just to know about nutrition, training and lifestyle management. You need to know how to run your business, market your services, and improve the experience of your clients working with you.

Features and benefits

  • Learn business skills from Ben Coomber, a successful coach and business owner
  • Learn tips and techniques you can apply straight away in your business
  • Learn in a practical and engaging way so you ‘get it’
  • Gain CPD points after completing the 10 modules
  • Get free access to our support community

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Each module includes a 60-90 minute long recorded webinar and detailed notes, so around 3 hours learning per module.

You will gain valuable business skills from Ben Coomber so you can advance your business, earn more, and live with more balance, whether working for yourself self-employed or in a gym.

No this is a CPD short course where you will gain CPD points upon completion.

Yes, all the modules are pre-recorded webinars so you can learn at your own pace in your own time.

All BTN Practical Academy students get the Business Academy for free as an addition to the 12 month course.

Yes, we have worked with students in every continent barring Antarctica because we are a 100% online education company, so study anywhere in the world with us.


Learn how to set up your fitness business, what things to think of first, how to maximise exposure and thus ensure you set yourself up to be successful.

What is your brand going to be, who is your avatar, what service are you going to offer, all critical starting points so you can create the right business for you and passionately build it.

Every business needs to be organised, every business needs systems, otherwise you’re always catching your tail, working frantically and stressed. Get the right systems in your business and focus on your service to your clients, not doing admin all the time.

Every business needs to be profitable, but without considering your cash flow fully, your costs, your capacity, you’ll always be trying to work more and seemingly earning the same. Get the money right and you can work just as much as you want or need to.

Get more clients in your business with simple offline marketing practices, looking at maximising word of mouth by using simple tactics to bring more people into your business.

Use websites and social media to your advantage to maximise your online reach and presence. With technology at our fingertips it would be silly not to use it, but it can quickly take over and be overwhelming, lets master what works, and stop doing what doesn’t.

Learn how to maximise the amount of new clients coming into your business by using paid marketing activities and having a simple website. This module is taught by guest lecturers Remote FitPro.

The best way to build a business is to be the go to coach in your gym or area, but how do you attract clients like a magnet? By following the tips and tricks in this module.

Uploading videos online and speaking in public are both great ways to build a business, but it takes practice and confidence. This module aims to teach you the tips and hacks that will get you there far quicker.

Learn how to take true care of your customers which helps build your word of mouth marketing while handling objections you get from potential customers. This module will also end with bringing the last 10 modules together to make a plan of action.

Business Academy 2019 Ben Coomber introduces the BTN Academy Business Academy