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How would it feel to really understand nutrition? To know exactly what and when to eat in order to achieve any goal that you had? To be able to learn how to do this from your own home, in your own time, around your other commitments?

To always have a trustworthy and evidence-based manual to which you could refer for the rest of your life? To be able to know whether something else you read online or heard was to be believed? To have the option of going on to learn how to help others do the same?

During our interactive animated and presented online course you will gain a real understanding of the science and application of sleep, stress, calories, macro and micro nutrients, supplements, behaviour change, fibre, hydration, and more.

Our students have described nutritional mastery as ‘empowering’, ‘liberating’, and ‘game-changing’ because their new understanding leads to confidence both with their personal nutrition, and within their coaching practice.

That’s their story, but what would it mean to you?

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10 modules of learning, approx. 35 hours to complete the course and pass

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Video learning

Animated videos blended with teaching points for truly engaging learning

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Join our supportive community so you can get help every step of the way

What's included?

  • A comprehensive course textbook covering all modules, all heavily referenced
  • An animated and presented video lecture for each module that’s engaging and makes learning fun
  • A mini quiz after each module to test your knowledge as you go, cementing the information you are learning online
  • Access to our community so you can learn with others and get 24/7 tutor support
  • Finish the course have an AfN nutrition certification
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Why not begin your journey towards being able to get reliable results for you and your clients by learning nutrition from an evidence-based education provider.

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Foundation Academy paperback

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Foundation Academy paperback

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What started out to me as a personal interest has led me on to doing level 3 in personal training

Gillian Smith (BTN Graduate) ★★★★★

Amazing course, amazing delivery, amazing tutors! My one regret is that I wish I had done it sooner

Chris Harrison ★★★★★

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When we first started the course my main worry with having been in the industry for 8-10 years was, what are we going to learn? Within two weeks I was like WOW. Awesome, Freaking awesome!

Lean Machines ★★★★★

John Chapman and Leon Bustin are personal trainers, nutritionists and YouTube sensations. With over 400,000 subscribers and 35,000,000 views. Sign up today for £1


Here we introduce the overriding principles of health and the way in which nutrition is relevant to them. We discuss why weight management is so imperative for being in optimal health and then explain what is, and what is not, important for achieving this.
The largest module on this course discusses the macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat. We fully describe their digestive fate from your mouth to your cells, and then explain the impact that eating the macronutrients in all of their diverse forms can have on your health and body composition. We round off this module with a simple method of estimating your needs or those around you.
Arguably just as, if not more important at times, than the macronutrients are the micronutrients – vitamins and minerals. You know you need certain amounts already, and in this call, we explain how those amounts were decided upon, what they are, and what happens if you don’t get enough.

This module comes in two parts and discusses the final two parts of a healthy diet starting with hydration. How much water do you need, why, where does it go and what does it do in your body that is so important? More interestingly, what role do salts have in all of this and how does your body make sure there is always enough?

Next up is fibre. We talk you through all of the different forms of fibre and where they are found in your food before explaining exactly what it is that fibre does that is so important. Everyone says fibre is a good thing; and it can’t just be about bowel movements, right?

It’s not enough to know what you should eat in order to reach a certain goal, you also need to know how to do that. This module walks you through UK food labels, what everything means and how you can assess the suitability of a food to your overall plan.

We then go into the ways that you can portion food up on a plate to make sure you get all you need. Nutrition isn’t just macronutrients and calories, it’s buying, serving up and eating food; and you need to know both sides.

“Watching what you eat” is a phrase that has been around a long time, but watching what you eat day to day is only half of the equation. In this module, we show you different methods of recording different levels of data about your food intake and the results you get from this. We then show you how to translate the data you’ve collected into real world decisions.
Sleep: It makes up over 30% of your life, and the compulsion to sleep is one of the strongest natural urges we have after breathing – but why do we do it? What purpose does it serve, how does your brain ‘make you’ sleep, what is sleep anyway? And just as importantly, what does that have to do with nutrition?
Module 8 sees us divert our attention to supplements. We talk over nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids; what they are, what works, how it works and if/why/how you should use it. In short, this call looks to describe and explain the overarching mechanism behind some of the most popular supplements on the market, before providing you with a process for determining whether or not you should invest in anything at all.
Habits aren’t just small behaviours like chewing your fingernails or cracking your knuckles, they are chunks of often complex actions grouped into one big process, and they make up an enormous amount of your life. In this module, we explain what a habit is and how it forms in the brain before showing you exactly how these can make or break your nutritional approach. Finally, we give practical steps, not just to break habits, but to change them for the better.
The final module on the Body Type Nutrition Academy covers goal setting. Now you know about nutrition you must be armed with the weapons for using it, and a tangible goal is one of the biggest guns available. Goals aren’t just arbitrary ‘nice to haves’ you pin to the fridge, they represent targets towards which your brain is evolved to point. Once you contemplate, define and set a highly specific goal, all you need to do is paint-by-numbers, and this module teaches you how to do just that while avoiding the pitfalls made by many unsuccessful gym goers and dieters.


Each module will take 3-4 hours of learning and there are 10 modules. So 30-40 hours.

This course can be done as a stand-alone course for personal interest, as additional CPD to a level 2 or 3 personal training qualification to upskill in nutrition, or as a feeder course to the BTN Practical Academy.

This is an AfN & REPs accredited CPD course perfect for self-guided learning or CPD on existing qualifications, but this is not on a qualification framework, but our Practical Academy is an Active IQ qualification in nutrition coaching.

Yes the course is completely self-paced.

Yes, we have worked with students in every continent barring Antarctica!

Of course, here is the official PDF showing our AfN accreditation and the official paperwork showing our REPS accreditation for the BTN Foundation Academy.

Click here to view a PDF of everything we teach on The BTN Foundation Academy, our modules in detail.

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