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Congratulations - you have passed the Foundation Academy Exam and so, successfully completed this course!!

You should be extremely proud; you've achieved something that has taken a lot of work and effort, and hopefully you now feel significantly more confident when working with your own nutrition or indeed that of someone else.

Please fill out the fields below to claim your certificate, which you will receive in the post within the next 15 working days (international shipping may take a little longer).

So the question is now, what next? As you probably know we run the UK’s only Nutrition Coaching qualification which sits on the national regulated qualifications framework at level 4, and as a BTN Foundation Academy graduate we can confidently say that you are prepared to excel in that course and embark on a journey towards an extremely rewarding career or passion project.

As such, we invite you to click the button below and check out the details for our upcoming intake. Not only that, but we ask you to use the discount code BTNFoundation at checkout to save £100 on your initial payment.

Again, congratulations. This was a very challenging course, but you did it!

Please fill out your details below to claim your certificate

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