Intakes: May, November Cost: £115 per month, £1515 total Timescale: 12 months

Course benefits


Learn nutrition from the ground up, both in theory and in a real-world environment


Learn from the industry's best nutritionists, dieticians, sports nutritionists and coaches


Get better results with yourself and your clients as we believe what we teach are true life skills

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Be supported every step of the way with a thriving learning environment and community

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Study with us from anywhere in the world, our courses are delivered 100% online

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Learn on desktop, mobile or tablet with our interactive and dynamic learning platform and app

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When you are ready, take advanced and business modules to enhance specific learning areas


With any of our courses you get lifetime access, so if we do update anything, you'll have access, for life


Graduate the Practical Academy, get insured, and work as a qualified Nutrition Coach

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What is the BTN Practical Academy

The BTN Practical Academy is a 12 month live and interactive evidence based practically driven online nutrition course taught by dieticians, sports nutritionists, university lecturers, psychologists, GB athletes and experienced coaches.

This 12 month online nutrition course aims to teach nutrition at its most practical level delving into specialist populations, advanced body composition, sports performance, obesity, behavioural psychology, hormones, female health, and much more. With the broad nature of the Practical Academy we will evolve you into a competent coach that can work with a broad range of clientele.

Our promise to you

  • Learn nutrition from credible scientific sources
  • Learn directly from a team of experienced industry experts
  • Learn in a practical and engaging way so you ‘get it’
  • Learn a diverse syllabus so you become a world class coach
  • Learn how to help people from all walks of life
  • Get clarity around nutrition from a credible education company
  • Join a community of people committed to changing lives

Course syllabus

Nutrition is a science but applying it to either yourself or your clients is an art – the BTN Practical Academy is here to bridge the gap. You’ll learn everything you need to know about applied nutrition on this course, from macronutrient recommendations to the impact of alcohol on health and body composition, while also developing an understanding around communication, adherence strategies and instigating change for both yourself and those around you. If you want to know how to structure a nutritional plan and have people stick to it, look no further than the BTN Practical Academy. Our course syllabus is huge, hence it’s taught over 12 months. Click below to view our full syllabus.

*Note, this course is CPD Standards accredited and is worth 50 CPD points.


Course benefits

What's included in our 5th Birthday Launch

Here's everything that's included in the BTN Practical Academy throughout the 12 months you'll spend with us, and what we've added this year to offer even more and celebrate our 5th Birthday...


Receive 44 modules of learning throughout the 12 months, a truly in-depth course covering a vast amount


Graduate after the course as a nutrition coach, enabling you to coach others and change the lives of others


Comes with 4 course textbooks, more than any nutrition course in the world, our dedication to in depth education


Join 1000s of like-minded students from all over the world in one learning community, creating a network for life


Get access to our 90 day online coaching system Fat Loss for life, learn and experience how we coach


Get free access to the whole of our Business Academy, helping you grow your coaching business


Get workbooks, coaching documents and systems to use with your clients and to aid in your personal development


24/7 access to the tutors so you can ask anything you need to, maximising your success potential


Free ticket to the bi-annual BTN Conference while you are a student on the course. Come join us in person for some live education


All modules and textbooks are accompanied by audio recordings so you can read, watch, and listen to maximise learning


Free presentation slides you can use to host seminars in your local area - expertise in a box!

Course tutors


Ben Coomber (BSc, CISSN)

Teaches coaching skills, supplements, WHO, team sports, IIFYM


Tom Bainbridge (CISSN)

Teaches critical thinking, student mentor


Heather Osborn (BSc, RD)

Teaches child nutrition, obesity and food environment


Alex Manos (IFMCP, MSc)

Teaches digestive health, stress, allergies and intolerances


Will Hawkins (MSc)

Teaches eating disorders, statistics, adherence, addiction


Jessie Mundell (MHK, P.KIN)

Teaches female health


Phil Paterson (BSc, Athlete)

Teaches endurance diets, supplements


Chris Kitson (M.Ost, DipITS)

Teaches nutrition for injury


Simon Herbert (DipSn, DipN)

Teaches TDEE, TCA cycle, alcohol, fight sports

Dave Crosland.png

Dave Croslands (P.E.D Expert)

Teaches enhanced athlete awareness

Mark Fogarty.png

Mark Fogarty (PhD)

Teaches digestion, fasted and fed states, energy systems

Experience the live learning

Every week we teach you live, which many other courses don’t do. This is a core part of the BTN Practical Academy online nutrition course because we believe it is paramount to engage with the tutor as you learn the theory and practical application of any given nutrition topic. But, don’t worry if you can’t make the live webinars, we record everything and it gets stored in your online learning platform so you can watch it at anytime, anywhere, while being supported by our dedicated tutors.

Let us give you an example of how we teach live.

University vs. BTN Academy

To become a nutrition coach do you have to go to university?

In short, no. You could but university costs a lot in course fees, accommodation and living expenses. A degree can also be too theory based with an insufficient focus on practical work and real life coaching. If you want to be a registered dietician and work in the NHS or a similar role then university is a necessity, but if you want to help normal people, gym goers or sports players improve their health and body composition then our courses are perfect and will certify you to do that work alongside the appropriate insurance.

For more information on this topic we would recommending reading this blog, a blog discussing the pros and cons of degrees compared to private industry courses and a blog on “Can a nutrition coach give out a diet plan?” which you can read HERE.

Uni vs. BTN copy.svg

New course, more added

Are you ready to learn with us for 12 months and get clarity on nutrition and to become a world class coach and change lives? This November 19th 2018, our next course launch date, were going big and offering our best deal yet. See our 5th birthday offer below.

What you get Old BTN Practical Academy New BTN Practical Academy University Course
Course textbook(s) (extra cost)
Live webinars
Live in person teaching
24/7 support
Free Business Academy
1-2-1 mentoring
Free 90 day coaching system
£150 off Foundation Academy N/A
COST £1,625 £1,625 £22,500

Course pricing

Ready and excited to start the BTN Practical Academy with us in May 2019? Sign up below choosing to pay in full up front, in monthly instalments, or with or without the doing the Foundation Academy first.

Product Deposit Hardcopy* Digital only Payment
PA (instalments) £250 £125 x 11 £115 x 11 Pay (paperback) Pay (digital)
PA (full) None £1495
(£130 off)
(£230 off)
Pay (paperback) Pay (digital)
PA+FA (instalments) £500
(save £145)
£125 x 11 £115 x 11 Pay (five books) Pay (digital)
PA+FA (full) None £1840
(£180 off)
(£270 off)
Pay (paperback) Pay (digital)

NOTE: Before the BTN Practical Academy starts in May 2019 there is a bridging course to ensure your knowledge is at the right level to learn with us for 12 months. Upon paying your deposit to secure your space you will be given module 1, several educational documents and an optional reading list. Because of this please don't leave signing up to the course last minute as you may find the initial work load high. Sign up as soon as you are ready to and get learning straight away.

*International customers please note we do not ship our books to the UAE, South America or Africa due to postal issues. Please choose our digital only course.

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Student testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, here is what our students say...


The BTN academy has been superb, I have learnt so much more in the 12 months than my entire 3 year university degree!! It has totally changed the way I approach my clients nutrition plans and the results are speaking for themselves. They are all getting leaner, healthier, and happier with help from all the knowledge bombs I have picked up from all the coaches on the academy. All the team have such a widespread knowledge on different subjects within their field for you to learn from and take and use in your business and own lifestyle. A big plus is the group of people you are on the course with, we have all shared experiences, fired questions and answers to each other about clients/friends/family members and all got awesome feedback to go away and use. I couldn’t have asked for any more from the last 12 months, it has revolutionised my business and I am forever thankful to BTN. I cant wait to meet up with people at future events and see how everyone is getting on. Cheers Guys

Michael Quirk Practical Graduate


I had been listening to Ben's podcast for about 3 years before I signed up to the BTN Academy as I wanted to do an online nutrition course. I thought 'if the free stuff is this good, the paid stuff must be even better'. And I wasn't disappointed. The course has been amazing, it has made me a better coach giving me an environment where I can ask questions and be supported as I learn, giving me the tools to get incredible results with my clients. I’ve loved the course, and whatever you do next, I’ll be signing up as I continue my never ending journey to be the best coach possible.

Dave Cottrell Practical Graduate


The structure of the course has worked so well for me, whilst running my own business and the wealth of new knowledge has added so much already to my client services.

Annabelle Nunn Practical Graduate


I wasn't sure what I was getting in to when I signed up for the Academy. I was excited to learn more about a topic I was passionate about, but I hadn't properly 'studied' in almost seven years. The Academy has changed my approach for the better with all my clients, turning it into a health first take on hitting goals. The knowledge that I have learnt through the calls has been outstanding, and it has given me the confidence to not only apply it to myself and my clients, but even host talks on the subject too at gyms. It has opened doors for me professionally, and helped to both enhance my own reputation as well as increase the quality of service I am offering to my clients. My year in the Academy has been outstanding, and I would - and have - thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in increasing their nutritional knowledge and education.

Pauric Grimes Practical Graduate


I’m over the moon with what I have received for the price. The coaches have all been approachable and everything has tied in nicely towards the end with the course overview and the case studies in preparation for the exam. Being able to put the calls onto an apple device and learn on the move is great. You are all a credit to BTN and the fitness industry and I have nothing but praise for your work and the course, I’ve loved it.

John Johnstone Jnr Practical Graduate