The Alphabet Diet

The alphabet diet, have you heard of it?

It’s all the rage, well, it soon will be, because we here at BTN are very proud to have invented it.

It works on all the major systems of the body to maximise fat Loss. This is what happens and essentially how you do the diet, it’s REALLY simple, and so effective…

You start at the beginning of the alphabet, so Start with A, and B, then so on.

So, on Monday you only eat foods beginning with A

Tuesday you eat foods beginning with B

And so on..

What’s so amazing about this diet?

Each letter associated with the foods we eat has been found to have profound and direct properties, and each of these properties optimise fat loss, so if we cycle through the alphabet we optimise every possible way the diet can affect fat loss. Here are the benefits of each letter, and how it maximises fat loss in the body.

A foods like asparagus maximise Absorption, and the more we absorb our food, the healthier we can become.

B foods like blueberries torch Belly fat, giving you that fabled ‘beach ready’ look before you know it

C foods like carrots are high in vitamin C. This is essential in immune system regulation, so it’s important on a diet when your immune system can sometimes be under more pressure than usual

D foods like dairy are high in vitamin D which helps improve your mood, your bone density and more!

E foods like eggplants give you lots of Energy, and it’s important to have lots of energy on a diet

FIbre containing foods

FIbre containing foods

F foods like figs are high in Fibre, which helps you stay full, something many struggle with when on a diet

G foods like grapefruit improve Gastric flow, so they are perfect for people that struggle with digestion. You might need that after a day of F foods!

H foods like haricot beans are high in HCL which is an acid that helps break down your food. This aids digestion, important in overall health

I foods like Iodised salt are high in Iodine, this is an essential nutrient for thyroid health. A healthy thyroid is a core component of your metabolism, so if you want to keep a high metabolism to maximise fat loss, I foods are not a day you want to skip

J foods like jerusalem artichoke’s support the Jejunum in the small intestine due to the type of fibre they contain, essential in a healthy digestive tract

K foods like kale are high in Vitamin K, an essential component in blood coagulation and thus supports normal blood flow, maximising nutrient delivery

L foods like leafy greens turbocharge Lipolysis, which is the breakdown and usage of fat, so this day’s foods is directly designed to maximise your fat loss

M foods like mangoes support cellular Membranes, super important in optimal cellular health

N foods like nectarines are some of the most Nutritious foods there are, a class of foods just under superfoods, so this day is a good nutrient boost for the body - something we all need

O foods like oranges can be Organic, and this means there are less nasties on the foods, perfect for health body and mind

P foods like potatoes optimise your Physical Performance. This means you can exercise more, burn more calories and train harder in the gym

Q foods like quiche contain vitamin Q. This is a vitamin no-one talks about, but is actually a nutrient labelled ‘activator X’ in the 1920s when researcher and astrologist Brian McReal discovered that people eating a diet higher in it developed the ability to literally smell when people were lying

R foods like rice are rich in Riboflavin, a B vitamin which is essential in energy production, adding to the effects of your physical performance improvement on P day

S foods like strawberries are Superfoods, and we all know how important these are to eat regularly!

T foods like turkey have Thermogenic properties, which means it speeds up your metabolism, and who doesn’t want that seeing as it burns more body fat? Some people get carried away with T days, but don’t, it’s essential you stick to the plan and move on to U foods.

U foods like unpasteurised cheese are protective to the Urethra, an important component in us excreting urine, an important day that looks after a system we often take for granted

V foods like vegemite are classed as Vital, they contain a unique blend of zinc, vitamin D and magnesium, 3 of the nutrients people are often deficient in, so V days aid in keeping our levels in check

W foods like watermelon Weigh a lot so they keep you fuller for longer

Measuring scales

Measuring scales

X foods like Xiaolongbao contain Factor X, which improves power output and maximal strength. It’s so effective that China now dominate Olympic weightlifting due to the inclusion of a lot of these foods

Y foods like yoghurt are key in supporting our bodies Yellow Bone Marrow levels, so if you want to keep strong bones, which we all should do, Y foods are key

Z foods like zucchini help with you getting the Zzzzz’s. You’ll need your rest to get back to your next A day, so make sure your well rested with plenty of Z foods.

Want to follow the Alphabet Diet, it’s easy, just follow the above…

BUT, we wouldn’t recommend it, why?

Because it doesn’t exist, HA!

Of course this isn’t a real diet, and you might have realised that reading it, or maybe not…

But here’s the point, look back at some of those claims. Many of those claims sound reasonable; there is a part of our brain that could easily believe many of those claims if we didn’t apply critical thinking, and our BS detector!

Many of us will read that a certain food helps burn body fat, and a certain other food is your ticket to busting out of your jeans and question ourselves – is that really true? Does that sound familiar? I’ll be the first to admit I fell for some sketchy claims when I started out, perhaps you’re the same?

Most of us know that really, we can’t escape the basics: Take care of energy balance, activity, sleep, daily stress and make sure you’re getting all the micronutrients you need. That’s pretty much it, but people still struggle with this, why?

In my experience this isn’t often because of a total lack of knowledge (though we can always learn more), it’s usually due to someone’s mindset around food, their environment, and their habits, and this is where Fat Loss for Life can help. It’s not a diet, it’s a change of life, and will be a way of life if you are ready and willing to get out of the dieting mindset, and look for permanent change.

So if you’re ready to stop dieting, and start living, then start the last diet you’ll ever need. Check out Fat Loss for Life here: Fat Loss for Life