Athleticism - A personal account

It's that time again. I've been jabbed in the bum to get some words down on paper instead of getting my face in front of a video camera and speaking until I'm out of words.

With everything we see in the media it seems we only give a shit about what matters on the outside and not so much the inside. This is nothing new really but I do feel it can get a little lost in the fitness industry and even in people's personal training journeys.

Yes yes yes we all want to look good naked, I very much get that. I get that so much so that I even use my body (and great chat) to do extra work on weekends helping brides to be get rather drunk with their best friends. And I do this in just an apron, collar and cuffs.

Of course I get it. Having a so-called "good bod" does help me massively in my business life. However, I will never underestimate the, shall we say, behind-the-scenes reasons as to why I also get my arse in the gym and like to be on point and in control of my nutrition.

So here is my list of reason as to why I train and more than likely when you think about it, the real reasons as to why you also train and eat well too:

1. Exercise makes me a happier person

Yep, it's so simple and I think most of us forget this but training really does make me happy. If I go more then 3-4 days without doing anything active, I start to go a little mental! When we train we release endorphins and it's a wicked way to destress as well.

2. Exercise boosts my confidence

As you can see from the pic above - I have confidence. Do you think I'd have this confidence if I didn't train and take care of my diet? The answer you're looking for is no.

As you continue with your fitness journey, you'll see yourself changing over time and so will others. There is nothing nicer I feel as to when a person you've not seen for a while sees you and that natural "oh wow, you look great" comes out of their mouth. If they didn't mean it trust me they'd see you and just shut up. This can go a really long way to pushing you to want more from your training and fitness goals.

3. It adds years to my life

Yeah ok if I get nailed tomorrow morning by a bus and cleans me right out, no amount of training is probably going to save my arse. That aside though, I can take control and do my best to live a long and healthy life. So if you could live longer for just 3 days a week at 45-50 minutes why wouldn't you? We only get one of these lives. Let's make it a long and awesome one.

4. It makes me (and you) better in bed

Good news for both us guys and girls here. Sweating in the gym can only make sweating in the bedroom better right?! Not being able to hold my own body weight for more then 10 seconds would suck. Having good energy and a decent fat intake will increase your performance in the bedroom significantly. Also your other half will appreciate a good strong core and glutes.

"One of the first things I look at with my clients before most other things is their sleep".

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5. It helps me sleep like a puppy

I am more than aware that getting a good night’s sleep is uber important for my overall health. Getting in a good snooze helps me recover and repair, it renews my energy and clears my mind.

One of the first things I look at with my clients before most other things is their sleep. I believe if you get your sleep right, it makes it much easier for the rest to fall into place.

6. It makes me look and be younger

So since I was 22 I've looked about 27-28, I'm now 30 years old and most people guess my age at 27-28. Whoop whoop, massive win there. Now would I still look like I'm in my 20's if I didn't train, eat well and generally just keep moving? Absolutely not. If fact, I saw a picture not long ago of some old school friends of mine that I've not seen for 15 or more years and honestly I was like "Holy shit, look at the state of these guys now". I couldn't help but think it.

I think there is a saying that goes "It's not because you're old that you don't run, it's because you don't run that you're old".

7. It make me a good example to my family, friends and you guys

People are watching us all the time in this day and age. Whether it's your friends, your parents, your brother or sister or even your significant other (or the next door neighbour), our circle of friends and family observe what we do and take note.

So every time I'm training in the gym or trying to get good info out to you guys on Facebook or Instagram, I'm setting an example and encouraging others to do the same.

8. It makes me smarter

Thank f**k for that! No really. Being dyslexic ever since I was old enough to tell others that I actually was dyslexic (even though my school teachers just thought I was being 'lazy'. Yeah good one), I would have to say that training has made me smarter. We don't just build muscle; we can build brain cells too. From what I'm aware of, fitness can improve memory and cognition, helps you learn faster, increase brain volume and even makes you a better reader.

The fact that I have to do blogs like this, learn more and educate myself in my craft means I'm currently the smartest I've ever been and this will only be better over time. Though don't challenge me in the 'common sense' games, I'm supreme here and will take you down.

9. It strengthens bones

Ok so there are sexier things to talk about then 'bone density' but it's super relevant especially as it helps us maintain a strong and mobile body. Doing weight bearing exercises will help reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis going into old age. Basically if you want better bones, move and do more and keep it up. As the saying goes: "if you don't use it you'll lose it".

10. It strengthens my heart

At times I may feel like my heart is about to beat out of my chest (the assault course at the BTN retreat we run in Spain is a great way to achieve this feeling) but I know my ticker will thank me later. Exercise strengthens your heart and muscles and also reduces your risk of heart disease and other related conditions.