8 ways to STOP yo-yo dieting

Weight loss is simple, eat less.

We hear it all the time in fitness, but as we all know, it’s not as simple as that. If it was, more people would be sitting at their ideal weight, and we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic.

The world we live in today is VERY different than it was years ago, and the further we go back in time, the easier it was to maintain one’s weight.

We now live in a hyper caloric world, literally everywhere we turn its super easy to over consume what your body needs every day.

  • Processed food being everywhere
  • Alcohol being tasty and part of most social gatherings
  • Eating out at restaurants and most meals being high in calories
  • Sweets at the service station that are just too easy to grab
  • Not realising the calories in some foods and thus not realising the impact
  • Eating around a friends house and eating what your cooked
  • Going a bit OTT at the weekend and running a weeks worth of effort
  • There are literally endless opportunities to put the extra food away, and thus, we don’t reach our ideal weight. Again. And Again, and again.

But, if you are willing to make changes, are willing to accept the reality of what needs to be done, and are prepared to be honest with yourself, you can make the changes you want.

Like I said, fat loss is simple, it’s just not always easy to implement, for some.

So, let’s explore 8 factors which you can change, not me, you, for you to get the fat loss you want:

1. Knowing the ideal

When I coach someone, I give them a diet plan, a training plan, and guidelines on how to initially implement it. When someone makes the decision to change, and they are in that mind-set to change, I want to capitalise on that and give them a plan they can just get stuck in with and follow.

It also allows me to show them what is the ideal, showing them a solid weeks worth of healthy food and recipe ideas, giving them exact exercises to do in the gym, or how long to run for, or what home workout would be effective.

So, if you are not aware of the ideal, and know how to implement that (as in what foods to eat, in what proportions, and why), find out (my free podcast Ben Coomber Radio is a good way to do this, episode 117 being perfect in this instance), and then plan, which leads me on to point 2…

2. A lack of planning

Nothing happens by chance in life, you have to plan for it. This means you draw up your 7 day diet plan, then you go shopping, then you do the food prep, then you Tupperware it up, then you pack your food for the day and take it to work and eat it, then you do the gym or workout as planned, then you get to bed on time and…

You get the result.

Plan for it, be bold and implement it, successfully, repeatedly, and success for you can literally be limitless.

But your goals are pointless without a plan to get there, so we need to explore point 3…

3. Knowing your why

Without knowing, truly, why you are going on this journey you won’t truly be empowered to follow the journey through. When I went from an obese teenager of 16 stone down to 10.5 stone I did it because my WHY was “If I don’t lose this weight I will not be successful in my career”. And as a young, at the time, budding actor, I believed I had to lose weight to make a success of my chosen career (at the time).

That made me relentlessly passionate to be successful with my goal.

You need to know your WHY, it’s not enough to try to lose weight and your reason to be “I just want to look and feel a bit better”. Everyone has this goal, and how well is that goal serving most people.

You need to go deeper than that, and have a genuine, deep, emotional reason to make these changes. Otherwise you’ll keep saying yes to the pizza and 4 beers at the weekend. Which leads me on to point 4…

4. Being able to say no

You need to know your why, so you can say NO. When I coach, it is my job to empower someone with the confidence and ability to say no, when usually they would say yes. Take the scenario of a 64kg female on a low-calorie intake, maybe around 1700 calories per day, whom is trying to lose weight. For this fat loss phase she is in, it’s going to make it very difficult to be healthy, energised, and stay on track if 20-40% of that food is coming from things like cake and alcohol.

So, for a while, someone needs to be empowered to say NO to the office cake that gets passed around on a Friday, to the extra bottle of wine that gets ordered with dinner, with the option to sit at home and do nothing rather than go out and be active. Every day we are presented with opportunities to easily overeat in the space of seconds, which continues to keep us not getting what we want.

Stop saying yes to everything that passes by our noses, and start saying NO, otherwise you will keep getting what you’ve always got, a lack of results!

5. Changing your environment, and learning new habits

The chances are you have to accept that change is coming. You can’t keep living the same life in the same way with the same habits and expect a different outcome. The way you do things is going to have to shift. And for this you firstly need to accept that, then secondly find alternative solutions, and then stick to it long enough for it to become a habit.

If your habit when you get home from work is to sit in front of TV for 2 hours before you make dinner, and you decide to go for a run instead when you get in from work, it’s only going to be a matter of weeks before that is the new habit, and the new norm, and thus you then go on auto-pilot with your healthier, new habit, and just get the trainers on and go, without even thinking about it.

To support this, you might also find that your environment needs to change a little. Maybe your weekends need to stop involving your favourite drinking spots, or that you need to stop brining chocolate into the house altogether, or you need to join a new gym as the one you go to currently you don’t like and dread going in. This is where we need to be bold and make environment changes so our new healthy habits can flourish.

"Your goals are pointless without a plan to get there".

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6. Valuing your health, your body, and what god gave you

To do this whole process, you need to get to a point where you value YOU, and want to do the best by your body. Your body might not be where you want it to be, and there might be a long journey ahead, but you need to value your health, body and you as a person to even be successful in this journey.

We all deserve to be happy, healthy and be an ideal weight, but you have to respect yourself to make these changes and continue with these changes. As soon as self-doubt or a lack of self-worth creeps in, you say F*** it, and the binge occurs.

Start to love yourself, who you are, and value YOU, and change can be simple.

7. Knowing what it takes to get the results you want

Depending on where you want to take your body, you need to appreciate the path you might need to go on to get there. Let’s say you wanted to get pretty darn lean, like a fitness model, or look like a fitness model with the muscles and abs that ‘pop’, you might need to appreciate that your diet might take some time, or that you might need to build a certain amount of muscle to even have that ‘look’ that you are aspiring too.

That’s just one example.

My point is simple, whatever your goal, be realistic and know what changes you need to make to make that happen. If you want to be a sub 2.5 hour marathon runner you need to be realistic in that 3-6 months of training isn’t going to do it, but a few years of working on multiple components (stamina, stride length, strength, speed, movement economy, recovery) rather than just endurance alone, is going to be key.

Then there is of course a genetic component, but that’s for another day.

Be realistic with your goals, and what it’s going to take to get there. It doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it just might take longer than you realise, either way, embrace the journey, you’ll learn a lot about yourself, and that’s cool

8. Living life as a fitter person

All the above is change. And some don’t like change.

But you need to change, all the above, or most of it, needs to be permanent. You need to see yourself living by a different set of rules. Permanently eating different things in a different amount, exercising regularly, and not always saying yes to what everyone else is going, but saying yes to what YOU need to do.

Embrace the fact that things are going to change, for good, you are now a fitter and healthier version of that person you were before. A different body and mind-set is going to take a repeated set of differing actions, you don’t get to revert back to your old ways when the goal is completed, that’s how people rebound or yo-yo back and forth.

Embrace the new you, appreciate the new you, and inspire the people around you to make similar changes.

Bringing the 8 steps together

It might pay to read those 8 steps again. Why?

Because if you really want to change, the above steps need to happen. I’m not messing about, I’m a coach who’s been at this 12 years, and flirting with the above doesn’t equal success, it equals you yo-yoing back and forth, so it is paramount you get all the above right.

I love health and fitness, and I genuinely believe mastering your own health and physical fitness is a life skill that pays so many dividends its reward just keeps on giving. More energy for work and your career, your family and loved ones, you look and feel AWESOME, you love exercise and its now a way of life, and….. I could go on.

This stuff is important.

Change, and change for good. Please.

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